Do you all remember Erik Church from the Bush years? He’s the guy that founded Blackwater, a famous mercenary army that ran rampant in Iraq. There’s even a scathing book by Jeremy Scahill documenting their war crimes.

Well, he’s a Trump supporter. And his sister is the new Secretary of Education.  It has since renamed twice and is now known as Academi.  They’re owned by a holding Company named Constellis Group.  The chairman of the groups name is Red McCombs (cofounder of Clear Channel)  Mccombs is also a huge donor for Rick Perry, the new Secretary of Energy. Steven Feinberg is one of Trump’s top economic advisors.  He also happens to be the CEO of Cerberus Capital Management (CCM).  CCM owns another big private military contractor, Dyncorp.   There are 11 other private security firms currently guarding Trump. It’s pretty well known that Secretary of State Tillerson used military contractors in his work for Exxon.
Militia groups like the 3%ers, and various other militia groups are fervent Trump supporters. The KKK, the Hells Angels, and lots of White Nationalist Groups support Trump. The Oathkeepers too. Alex Jones and his merry band of deplorables do too. I would be curious to know about other military contractors too.


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