Dear Electors, 

I know you take your job seriously. I do too. As flawed as the electoral college is,  it has worked as anticipated for almost every election. 

My heart wants you to flip the vote or vote for anyone not currently tied to Trump. The fact that Russians used cyberwarfare to sway our elections towards a strongman dictator is an act of war. Instead of treating them like hostiles as we should, the incoming administration is going to buddy up with them. This terrifies me, because authoritarian leadership usually makes everything worse for those already in need.

That being said, you should vote to keep the results the same. We might be able to weather a Trump presidency with minimal damage due to checks and balances, but Trumps voters are all the people with guns. There will be mass violence maybe even a civil war if you don’t vote for Trump. They are the deplorables and they are unashamed. 

He might not be your president, and you never have to acknowledge that but a divided states of America is better than 5 Americas. 


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