136: Trump appoints Anti-China Hawk to Trade Position

In what can only be seen a greatly antagonistic move, The Donald has created the National Trade Council and appointed Peter Navarro to be its head. Peter Navarro has written 3 books about Trade Wars with China. This is not a battle we want to go down. Via ABC News


135: Donald Trump is hiring people based on their looks?

I can't say this surprises me given all his other comments, but it is still pretty deplorable. Apparently Aesthetics made the Exxon CEO secretary of State instead of Iran war man John Bolton via Washington Post

133: Climate Change Disaster incoming

I've been clearly watching over the past 6 weeks as Trump makes his decisions. I've now encountered multiple instances where he is clearly going to destroy our environmental policy in this country. 11: He put Myron Bell, notorious Climate Change denier in charge of EPA transition 41: Trump plans to cut Climate Change research out … Continue reading 133: Climate Change Disaster incoming

Donald Trump is the boss now

Donald Trump won the election, 6 weeks ago. Let that sink in for a moment. A man who has been on the outskirts of politics for many years; praising dictators, taking full page ads out on the central park five, talking about running for president while praising dictatorships around the world, and making birther birtherism … Continue reading Donald Trump is the boss now

CIA Nominee Mike Pompeo says something somewhat alarming

I am not going to count this as part of my ongoing list, because it could mean nothing but giving speeches where he says "Jesus Christ is the only solution for our world" might be a signal of how we handle Islamic terrorism in the coming years. https://hellochristian.com/5583-trumps-new-cia-director-jesus-christ-is-the-only-solution-for-our-world#.WFoJqMy7MYg.facebook