I’ve been clearly watching over the past 6 weeks as Trump makes his decisions. I’ve now encountered multiple instances where he is clearly going to destroy our environmental policy in this country.

11: He put Myron Bell, notorious Climate Change denier in charge of EPA transition

41: Trump plans to cut Climate Change research out of NASA via the Guardian

69: Trump appointed an EPA sue-happy climate change denier as head of the EPA
82: Trump asks DoE for list of people who work on Climate Change which they promptly denied via politico

88: Trump appoints Big Oil CEO as guy in charge of diplomacy in the State Department

97: Trump says Climate Change may not be real 12/12

103: Rick Perry will head the Department of Energy. Perry is notorious for having prayer dances in football stadium to make it rain

106: Climate Scientists freaking out about incoming admin, copying data as quickly as they can.Washington Post

#132 on my list: via CNN, he asked the State Department for a listing of funding overseas environmental climate change

#133: Per his Chief of Staff, Official White House Stance is “Climate Denial” and they’re going to keep an “Open Mind” about pulling out of the Paris Accords, via Thinkprogress and Foxnews


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