149: Stephen Miller writing Trumps inauguration speech

If you've read TrumpWatch item #107, you'd know that Stephen Miller is not the person you want writing a speech like this.  Via Politico

148: Trump is going to bankrupt the U.N.

I will admit that the U.N. seems rather ineffective at times. There should definitely be some reform. The 5 member Security Council should be expanded to account for the changing world. It should probably have 11 members on it, consisting of current five plus another six depending on many other factors (India, Brazil, Australia, Germany, … Continue reading 148: Trump is going to bankrupt the U.N.

147: Trump gets to reshape our courts 

Hypothetically, he could appoint Judges that have solid convictions and won't dismantle everything that made this country great, but his promise to appoint judges along the lines of Scalia means rights will be taken away. He could even try to pack the courts to get favorable results, like republicans are doing in other states like Arizona. … Continue reading 147: Trump gets to reshape our courts