I will admit that the U.N. seems rather ineffective at times. There should definitely be some reform. The 5 member Security Council should be expanded to account for the changing world. It should probably have 11 members on it, consisting of current five plus another six depending on many other factors (India, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Turkey, South Korea) It should probably be better funded and have more peacekeeping forces.  Shutting it down would be disastrous.

The United Nations is only as powerful as the Countries that support it.  The United Nations itself costs roughly 13 billion per year to run.  Of that 13 billion, the United States contributes 3.3 billion. If that money were to suddenly evaporate, I am sure that other country’s would make up for it, but the idea of a United Nations without the worlds superpower in it is somewhat laughable.
Nikki Haley, Trump the Authoritarian’s pick for UN Ambassador is a great politician. She is one of the few remaining who seems like she is good at building a consensus. If Trump were a normal politician, this would be a great move at building her foreign policy credentials for a future presidential run. If he were a tactical politician, he might have appointed her to get a leading voice of dissent against him out of the country.  However,  foreign policy experience to a position in an organization I don’t support” type of move.

In March, while speaking at AIPAC, Trump said “The United Nations is not a friend of democracy,” Trump said. “It’s not a friend to freedom. It’s not a friend even to the United States of America, where as all know, it has its home. And it surely isn’t a friend to Israel.”

The New York Times wrote an article right after the election about how hard it will be for relations between the two due to a number of issues.

His National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn has retweeted people as recently as late October who are critical of the existence of the UN.  His CIA Director, Mike Pompeo cosponsored legislation at the CIA to oppose signing of UN Arms Trade treaty.  Steve Bannon is extremely skeptical. David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt issued a joint statement on November 2nd stating that The US should pull out of The UN Human Rights Council and continue to veto all resolutions sponsored by the supposedly anti Israel United Nations.  John Bolton, also an advisor to Trump and former UN Ambassador has an entire section on Wikipedia about how much he hates them.  Mike Pence cosponsored a bill in 2005 to limit funding to the UN.

After the UN Resolution that Obama stupidly abstained from on Friday 12/23, Israel spoke with Trump and restricted its ties to all of the worlds superpowers. None of that would have happened without Trump’s support. Between this and all the comments on NATO funding, one has to wonder what Trump the Authoritarians true intentions are for the world.


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