What the hell is Trump doing?

Here we are, about to end 2016 and start a new year. Instead of worrying about the detrimental effects the new congress is going to have on this country, I worry that 62 million people have been hoodwinked by a Plutocrat Authoritarian who claimed to speak for the people. I worry that this man, one Donald J. Trump has allied himself with the country Mitt Romney referred to as our greatest geo-Political foe.

3 weeks ago I wrote this article showing the connections Trump and his people have with Russia. Many more have since popped up. Moldova elected a Pro Russian leader because of foreign meddling, Bulgaria too. Finland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus,  and Sweden are nervous about Russia.  Georgia too.  We all know about the Ukraine-Crimea issue. Russia, Turkey, and Iran basically took over Syria. Kazakhstan and Belarus are already Russian allies.

Despite overwhelming evidence, Trump started off by being dismissive of the hacking


Two days after that, he announced Putin friend Rex Tillerson would be in charge of the State Department.

Two days after that, he tweeted a lie about how nobody talked about Russian hacking until after the election which my initial post proves is a falsehood.


On the 16th, he tried to justify it: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/809717035353722880
When Obama announces sanctions for the hacking, Putin decided not to act because Trump is going to be inaugurated in 3 weeks. Trump applauded Putin by tweeting this:

This is not normal. Nobody should be supporting this.


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