The hits just keep on coming lately. Between bad hires, bad views, breaking precedent on everything, bullying people on twitter, and Russia, it just keeps coming.  The guide to impending tyranny seems to be important right now.  Actually, I suggest that everyone go read Indivisible  as soon as possible.

160: BIll Stepien, the first person fired in the Bridgegate scandal now works in the Trump White House

161: Pam Bondi, also now works in the Trump White House. She is the attorney general from Florida who put Trump University under investigation and then dropped said investigation after receiving large donation from Trump. Omorosa also has a job there too, but that’s not really news.

162: The House GOP revived the Holman Rule which allows them to cut pay of individual people in different departments. This might explain why the transition team was asking for lists of people working on specific issues at different departments.

163: Trump orders all foreign ambassadors to leave posts by inauguration day. This makes no sense.

164 + 165: Republicans plan to repeal Obamacare and added  the defunding of Planned Parenthood to that bill.

166: United States Intelligence caught senior Russian officials patting themselves on the back when Trump won.

167: Link between Russia and Wikileaks has been found.

168: Trump tweets. In the past six days, Trump has tweeted about North Korea, China, GM, Obamacare, The Office of Congressional Ethics, Ford, Gitmo,  and what seems like dozens of tweets on Russian hacking

169: He defended Julian Assange while trashing the intelligence community on the Russian Hacking issues. He called for the death penalty in regards to wikileaks as early as 2010.

170: Trump is trying to purge at least one Political Opponent

171: The GOP is planning on pushing through all of Trumps most controversial cabinet picks on the same day they plan on voting on dozens of bills and the same day as Trump’s general news conference.

172: Texas is touting its own bathroom bill.

173: Trump’s attacks on the Intelligence Community are worrying The Intelligence Community

174: Kentucky is going to destroy Unions

175: Former CIA Director James Woolsey quit Trump Transition team abruptly after all the Hacking denials

176: Rand Paul is going to oppose Obamacare repeal because it adds 9.7 trillion to the Budget, but The House Rules Package hides that fact.

177: A member of Trumps domestic Policy council believes birth control causes abortions

178: Donald Trump might owe construction companies 3 million dollars and a lien has been put on the property.

179: The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump is going to pare back the CIA which they deny.

180: Trump TV is Coming



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