I did not want to have to write this, but here we are; Donald Trump has committed Treason.
Treason is defined as “the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.’

The warning signs have always been there. I just did not want to believe. Trump’s continuous praise of Putin and other dictators over the year should have been a sign. His statements trying to discredit the media should have been a warning sign. The fact that he has tweeted about Russia in a positive light over 150 times probably should have been a sign.

When I wrote 53 links between Trump and Russia, I still refused to see it. When I read Scott Dworkins report on the Democratic Coalition, I still refused to see it.  When Trump talked about how he might defund the United Nations and NATO, which would help Russia, I refused to see it.

Excusing all the rumors about his visits to Russia, let us look at just a few bits of evidence.

1.  Roger Stone, one of Trumps closest allies admitted in October that he has ties to Wikileaks. Story here.

2. Wikileaks has no issues helping Putin do his bidding. per vox.

3. Trump asked Putin to hack Clinton, later claiming it was a joke. Russia engaged in an influence campaign

4. Despite In Depth Reporting on the subject by places like the New York Times, Trump continued to criticize the intelligence community.

Finally, as the Intelligence report loomed, Trump accused the agencies of pushing the release back when it was always scheduled for that date. In the days leading up to the report, he criticized them and was in denial of such a thing.  Then, the Intelligence community released its 25 page report stating that Russia engaged in an influence campaign to get Trump elected.

This should have been enough for anyone. They did not hack our voting systems, but they certainly spent millions of dollars on a propaganda war to influence people to vote for Trump. Instead, his first reaction is to call out his opponents for Gross negligence.  He went to sleep, and then he started praising Russia and saying that only “stupid” people would oppose having a better relationship with them.

The President-Elect of the United States of America, after seeing plenty of evidence that the Russian Federation and its propaganda outlets waged an influence campaign to get him elected reacted by praising them and calling for better relations with them, while criticizing anyone who disagrees as Stupid.

Donald Trump has sold out this country. He has willingly surrendered the sovereignty of the United States of America to our greatest geopolitical foe and a large portion of his supporters are defending it. Donald Trump has committed treason. He is not my president. He never will be my president.

He is an Authoritarian. He is an ethics nightmare who might be connected to the Russian Government and Mafia.  He is waging an all out war on the media

I am calling on all the decent people in his administration to resign effective immediately. If you do not do this, you are complicit in this whole mess. I am calling on the United States Congress to call a special session of congress and start the impeachment process.  I am asking on the military, if called on by King Trump to do something illegal, to stand down and think about what this country means to you. Everybody on the left and right should unite and think about working together to find a legal way to get rid of this treasonous man before he can do much damage. We’re a great country with great people and we can fix this.

Please. Let us fix this.


4 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a Traitor.

  1. Donald J. Trump is a known pathological liar and a malignant narcissist, however I also see signs of boarder line personality disorder. He has no moral compass other than his own deeply held dictatorial one.
    He’s ask a question about the raise in anti-Semitism in the US and responds by bragging about is 300 + win electoral collage vote. The people in the audience must have looked at each other is total disbelief ! The man doesn’t have a singular clue NOT one of what the role of the executive branch is according to the US Constitution. Donald you are NOT the CEO of the USA, you are NOT “King Donald” ! Oh while your getting educated, you best grab Stephen Miller by his sweaty neck and kick him a few times in his ignorant ass. His statement of “The President will NOT be questioned !” REALLY ? Donald do us all a favor and resign, you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of being escorted of the Oval in hand cuffs by Federal Marshal’s. Oh and your PPD ? They won’t lift a finger to stop them, because they don’t want be cited for obstruction of justice.


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