Rex Tillerson is our new Secretary of State. This week, Congress will be rushing his confirmation hearing through Despite concerns from the Ethics office. He is the not exactly qualified to hold this office. Will he put country above company? Here is Rex Tillersons wikipedia bio

The Trump Transition team wants a list of Climate Change Programs at the state department. As a former Oil Company Executive, is he going to launch a full on attack on alternate energy?

There are a lot of Questions here.
Why does Rex have a Company co-owned by Russia in the Carribean?

Why are Condi Rice and Bob Gates so unethical that they endorse Tillerson because they consult at a company he works for? Mccain is concerned about it.

Why should we trust him if he received the Russian Order of Friendship award, and then scrubbed his wikipedia page the day before he was nominated to remove it?

What is the deal with Exxon running Private Armies in Africa to get oil out without worrying about the Citizenry?



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