1 Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million, but still lost the election
2  Trump wants his kids to have top secret clearance
3  Trump advisor Kris Kobach wants to create a Muslim Registry, surrogates using Japanese Internment camps as precedent, and use the Patriot Act to build a wall
4  Trump had an unprecedented shake up in his transition team to get rid of Christie loyalists
5  White Nationalist evil Cartoon villain Steve Bannon is now his chief strategist
6  National security advisor is Michael Flynn, an anti Muslim conspiracy theorist who lobbies for Turkey and works for the Russians
7  John Bolton might be the Deputy  Sec State  War with Iran
8  He added conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney to his transition team
9  Paul Ryan Is planning to phase out medicare next year
10  Trump is still angry tweeting  (11/15)
11  The guy in charge of his transition for the EPA doesn’t believe in climate change or the EPA
12  He called Alex Jones and various world dictators before the transition teams at State, Justice, Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security
13  Trump has been talking to world leaders on unsecured lines because of course he has
14  His Deputy NSA is a Fox News Analyst who disowned her brother for being gay  She also has a history of lying
15  Lying about saving a plant closing that was never scheduled
16  Trump wants to break nepotism laws and have his son in law work in his admin
17  Jeff Sessions as Secretary of State means no more pot, criminal justice reform, sanctuary cities are fucked,race issues are fucked, and lots of illegals being deported
18  Mike Pompeo as CIA director means more torture and drone warfare and torture black sites
19  Ivanka sat in on meetings with Foreign leaders, posing them off
20  trump settled on his trump university case, basically admitting guilt  A con man was elected
21  Trump pressuring foreign leaders to stay in his hotels
22  Trump probably sending Gulen back to Turkey
23  throwing a childish fit that people booed Pence on broadway
24  Trump still meeting foreign business partners despite being elected president
25  lawyers think he’s going to violate the constitution with his business practices on his first day on office
26  Trump is going to spend his first day signing executive orders to undo Obamas presidency
27  SNL Twitter wars with Alec Baldwin
28  First lady staying in NY, costing the city 1 million dollars a day in order to keep son in school  Traffic nightmare
29  Trump will ban entry from any country he deems necessary
30  Alt Right doing nazi salutes to Trump in big gatherings
31  Trump did business in countries in the middle east while bashing Clinton for the same
32  Trump names Net Neutrality opponents to FCC transition team
33  Trump considering Ben Carson for HUD Secretary despite Ben Carson saying he was too inexperienced for Government
34  Trump adding Cuba Embargo fans to his transition team
35  Trumps plan to kill DACA could cost us 450 billion in economic growth
36  Trump Foundation admits to self dealing
37  Trump claims the President can’t have conflicts of Interest so businesses are off table
38  Trump has off record meeting with media giants, berates them
39  Trump meets with NYT, enrages supporters by taking prosecuting Clinton off the table
40  Betsy Devos is sec of education, painting the way for charter school funding everywhere  Her brother founded blackwater, her parents funded gay conversion therapy and her husband is responsible for amway  She has had a hand in destroying MI education and funneling money to religious schools
41  Trump is going to defund NASA climate research and put it towards space research instead
42  Trump is turning away his intelligence briefings
43  Trump campaigned violated FEC election laws
44  Tom Delays lawyer is his White House counsel
45  angry tweeting about Jill Stein
46  his aides are embarrassing him with all the nonsense about Romney
47  Wants to make flag burning illegal and take away citizenship from those who do it
48  His Treasury Secretary is the President of Goldman Sachs, wants to destroy Dodd-Frank
49  He offered Sec-Edu to Jerry Falwell Jr before Devos
50  Tom Price is his Sec-HHS  This is a guy who believes you should be able to fire people for taking birth control and having an abortion  He’s going to dismantle the ACA and Medicare
51  His Son in law was involved in Bridgegate
52  Trumps Washington Hotel lease says no one involved can be a member of government
53  Seema Verma is his pick for Director of Center for Medicare and Medicaid  This is all you need to know “She was the architect of the Healthy Indiana Plan  The program, designed for people with low income, requires participants to pay into a health savings account and has high deductibles you have to make your contribution every month, with a 60-day grace period. If you don’t make the contribution, you’re out of the program for 12 months. It’s a strong personal responsibility mechanism. The plan also removed preventive care because people could not afford it
54  Wilbur Ross and Todd Rickets – billionaires worth billions of dollars each with no government experience are going to head the Commerce Dept
55  his call to Pakistan looks like he had someone write up a generic template, India is upset
56  Establishing a policy forum of business leaders because Lobbying isn’t direct enough
57  Calling Taiwan, at the risk of pissing off China
58  Trump profited off deal to keep carrier in the US
59  Trump reversed US policy on the Philippines and invited foreign dictator who kills druggies to come visit
60  Yet another whiny tweet about SNL
61  Antagonizing China on twitter
62  Fake news story about Podesta running sex ring from Wikileaks results in retweets from Trump people, man goes into pizza shop that had alleged sex ring with gun
63  Whiny Trump Tweet about how he only tweets because the media doesn’t cover him fairly
64  NSA Chiefs son fired for spreading fake story from #62
65  Trump meets with Japanese businessman and comes out to claim he made a deal for 50 billion worth of investment  Turn out investment already happened in October
66  News story comes out talking about boeing being nervous about Trump  An hour later, Trump tweets that he’s going to cancel the air force one project
67  New Shortlister for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson is close to Putin
68  pro wrestling CEO is the head of the small business administration
69  Oklahoma Attorney General, climate change denialist famous for suing EPA is the new head of the EPA
70  Marine General and old school drug warrior is new Secretary of Homeland Security
71  different Marine general is also new Secretary of defense, marking an unprecedented number of military guys in civilian positions for a functional democracy
72  Ben Carson was given HUD because he had experience in subsidized housing  This turned out to be a lie
73  Trump wants to privatize Indian Tribal land
74  RNC is having its Xmas party at a trump hotel, putting money in his pocket
75  Ohio passed a very regressive abortion law, hoping it will get to the USSC and end with Roe v Wade overturned
76  Trump picks anti union/min wage fast food CEO as labor secretary
77  Trump still going to profit on things as EP of the Apprentice
78  Boeing, after being harassed by Trump on twitter is now spending a million bucks on his inauguration
79  Former NYC Police Commissioner who knows Trump says that Trumps going to put an end to Criminal Justice Reform and uncuff the police
80 It appears that Congress is going to repeal Obamacare and “delay” its replacement, which means they’re just going to go back to the old ways
81  Pence literally receiving all the intel briefings because Trump doesn’t care
82  Energy department about to start a purge of anyone who believes in climate change
83  Goldman Sachs president being appointed head of national economic council
84  climate change denier and national park hater to be made interior secretary
85  unqualified former sports team manager going to be made ambassador to Japan
86  CIA says Russia hacked the election
87  Congress introduces plan to massively cut benefits
88  Trump is going to appoint Exxon CEO and Putin friend as Secretary of State, with John Bolton as his deputy
89  Trump responded to CIA file by bashing the CIA
90  Trump dismissing the CIA Claims of Russian hacking as baseless
91  The Michigan recount was stopped due to Trump lawyers abusing poll workers in blue areas
92  Republicans are afraid of Trump so they probably won’t stand up to him
93  Tillerson had a secret private army’s
94  Trump complaining that he is “person,” not “man of the year
95  Trump complaining about NBCNEWS on twitter
96  John Bolton trying to blame it all on a false flag attack
97  Trump says Climate Change may not be real
98  Because of Trumps policies, OP/ED appears in Chinese state run newspaper threatening to army enemies of the US
99  Anti-Gay Religious Freedom law gets resubmitted in congress
100  Trump trashes Lockheed martin F-35 plans, 20 minutes earlier someone starts dumping its stock
101  Trump cancelled his supposed Press conference to talk about his business interests
102  Good article from Newsweek about Trumps conficts of Interest in Turkey, China, Russia, Phillipines, Korea, and Japan
103  Rick Perry, noted 2012 presidential candidate who wanted to get rid of the Department of Energy is now going to lead the Department of Energy
104  Exxon CEO, Putin friend, and funder of Private Armies, Rex Tillerson is now the Secretary of State nominee
105  Romney was only interviewed as a way to publicly humiliate him…because that is what Trump does
106  Climate Scientists freaking out about incoming admin, copying data as quickly as they can
107  Stephen Miller, immigration hard liner and pro troll who is friendly with Richard Spencer is now Trumps senior policy advisor
108  Condi Rice and Bob Gates endorse Tillerson, but it seems like because they work for him
109  Ryan Zinke is the Secretary of Interior, with minimal experience  Exactly the pick you would make if you wanted to close the Department of the Interior
110  Rick Perry is on the board of the company building the Dakota access pipeline
111  People edited Rex Tillerson’s Wikipedia page the day before he was nominated in order to remove Russian connections
112  Ivanka is going to work in white house
113  It sounds like the White House Press Office might be closed
114  Childish to pick on, but can’t spell
115  Attacking Vanity Fair for daring to criticize him
116  Still trying to say the Russia thing is political
117 Sylvestor Stallone floated to Head the NEA
118 David Friedman named Ambassador to Israel
119 Monica Crowley joining National Security Council
120 Jared Kushner made a deal with Sinclair Broadcasting to get good coverage
121 Rex Tillerson runs a joint US-Russia venture in Carribean
122 Texas is planning on gutting medicaid
123 Trump is keeping his private Security Force
124 Trump campaign threatened electoral college members
125 Vincent Viola, billionaire investor, named Secretary of the Army
126 Kuwait’s government cancelled normal plans to stay in Trump Hotel (Since reversed)
127 Wilbur Ross is heavily connected to Russia
128 Mick Mulvaney is OMB Chair
129 Austrian Neo-Nazis recently met with Russia and our National Security advisor?
130 House GOP shuts down Flint Investigation…..which was partially caused by Betsy Devos
131 Trump seems to be consolidating power in the Commerce Department
132 Trump team asks the State dept for list of climate change programs they spend money on..
133 Climate Change scientists are feverishly copying data
134 Trump is only setting up a half blind Trust
135 Trump only hiring good looking people
136 Trump appoints Anti-China Hawk to Trade Position
137 Trump opened a business in Thailand post election
138 Trump wants to make more nukes
139 Trump team asks State Department for list of people working on womens programs
140 America First Trump hiring more foreign workers for Winery
141 Michael Flynn tried to sell mind reading equipment to Russians
142 Trump looking for list of people working on violent extremism
143 Twitter whining about son having to close foundation
144 Twitter diplomacy about defunding UN
145 Trump appoints advisor on international negotiation
146 Trump the Authoritarian
147 Trump gets unprecedented court openings
148 Trump is probably going to pull out of the UN
149 Stephen Miller writing Trump speech
150 Gingrich suggests Trump suspend Civil Liberties
151 Congress Passes rule to ban recording in house chambers
152 Congress submits bill to defund UN
153 Trump claims  credit for jobs he didn’t create
154 Trump praises Putin
155 Trump selling holiday tickets to hotel he owns
156 Trump kicks biographer out of golf club
157 House tries to gut Office of Congressional Ethics (but fails)
158 Congress Passed rule to be able to undo everything obama did in past few months
159 Wall St. Lawyer to head SEC
160: BIll Stepien, the first person fired in the Bridgegate scandal now works in the Trump White House
161: Pam Bondi, also now works in the Trump White House. She is the attorney general from Florida who put Trump University under investigation and then dropped said investigation after receiving large donation from Trump. Omorosa also has a job there too, but that’s not really news.
162: The House GOP revived the Holman Rule which allows them to cut pay of individual people in different departments. This might explain why the transition team was asking for lists of people working on specific issues at different departments.
163: Trump orders all foreign ambassadors to leave posts by inauguration day. This makes no sense.
164 Republicans want to repeal Obama care
165 Republicans going to defund Planned Parenthood
166: United States Intelligence caught senior Russian officials patting themselves on the back when Trump won.
167: Link between Russia and Wikileaks has been found.
168: Trump tweets. In the past six days, Trump has tweeted about North Korea, China, GM, Obamacare, The Office of Congressional Ethics, Ford, Gitmo,  and what seems like dozens of tweets on Russian hacking
169: He defended Julian Assange while trashing the intelligence community on the Russian Hacking issues. He called for the death penalty in regards to wikileaks as early as 2010.
170: Trump is trying to purge at least one Political Opponent
171: The GOP is planning on pushing through all of Trumps most controversial cabinet picks on the same day they plan on voting on dozens of bills and the same day as Trump’s general news conference.
172: Texas is touting its own bathroom bill.
173: Trump’s attacks on the Intelligence Community are worrying The Intelligence Community
174: Kentucky is going to destroy Unions
175: Former CIA Director James Woolsey quit Trump Transition team abruptly after all the Hacking denials
176: Rand Paul is going to oppose Obamacare repeal because it adds 9.7 trillion to the Budget, but The House Rules Package hides that fact.
177: A member of Trumps domestic Policy council believes birth control causes abortions
178: Donald Trump might owe construction companies 3 million dollars and a lien has been put on the property.
179: The Wall Street Journal reports that Trump is going to pare back the CIA which they deny.
180 Rupert Murdoch trying to make Foxnews into Trump TV
181: General Mattis, Secretary of Defense nominee, has been clashing with the crazy people in the White House.
182: The Ethics Office warns confirmations are moving too quickly, because they’re ignoring all precedent and just pushing along with confirmations.
183: Trump appointee Monica Crowley has been caught in a Plagiarism scandal.
184: After the Intelligence Report was released and Trump was briefed, he responded this way
185: Trump fired the inauguration announcer of 57 years and replaced him with a Trump Supporter.
186: Politics are turning Trumpian in Canada.
187: Mitch McConnell is mad that democrats are having a fit about confirming nominees before they do what is asked of them. He’s talking about The Ethics Office (#182) saying they haven’t been able to properly vet the nominees.
188: Jared Kushner is trying to calm people down, saying that Trump didn’t believe any of the conspiracies he was peddling.  If true, that makes him a tremendous asshole. If false, that makes him a blithering idiot. Which is correct?
189: Donald Trump Jr wants to make it easier to get silencers, presumably for his secret police force to be more efficient. I’m kidding, relax. It’s not like he he actually has a a Private Security force, or has praised regimes like Iran, Russia, and China that have them.
190 is daring to insult the most talented actress in the world via Tweet
191 is trying to delegitimize the the media for claiming something he can’t prove and Mexico said they wouldn’t pay for
192 is OPENLY LYING about mocking a disabled reporter by saying he never did it. Proof
193 is praising the media outlet he prefers. TrumpTV is coming.
194: Donald Trump dismissed Obama appointees in charge of our nuclear arsenal.
195: Jared Kushner will be a White House  Senior Advisor
196: Dan Coats is the new DNI
197: Obama had DHS designate elections as Federal Critical Infrastructure. Why in the name of all that is holy would you give that kind of power to a man like Trump?
198: Trump meeting with Anti-Vax  movement leaders.
199: Congress passes law to allow members to hide records.
200: Trump Aide Carter Page went on Russian Propaganda television to trash our intelligence community
201: Trump maybe being blackmailed by Russia?

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