On December 11th, I wrote “53 Sources showing the Russo Trump Connection.” The contents of that are below the recent updates.  It is quite remarkable how many there are and how dismissive Trump is being about the whole situation.

12/11: Rex Tillerson nominated as Secretary of State
12/11: Trump Dismisses CIA Claims
12/12: John Bolton claims the DNC hack was a false flag operation
12/13: Private Security Firm catches Russia hacking DNC
12/15: Russia Denial on TwitterRussia Denial on Twitter
12/16: FBI in agreement that Russia hacked DNC
12/17: NYT timeline of the hacking.
12/18: Rex Tillerson owned a company with Russians.
12/19: Wilbur Ross  is connected to Russia
12/20: Michael Flynn recently met with Austrian Neo-Nazis and members of Russia’s ruling party.
12/23: Michael Flynn sold equipment to the Russians12/29: Trump Still being dismissive of the Hacking
12/30: Trump and Putin  relations, as Obama sanctions Russia and kicks out 36 diplomats, Putin says he will wait to retaliate for Trump, and Trump applauds Putin.
1/5: Russia patted itself  on the back post election, CIA is nervous about Trump denial with regards to the Russians, James Woolsey quit the transition team
1/7: The Intelligence Community briefed Trump and he responded by going on twitter and bashing the Democrats. Someone leaked the Report and Trump had a fit.  He called anyone who didn’t want a better relationship with Russia “Stupid.”
1/10: Carter Page went on Russian propaganda TV to trash the US Intelligence community.
1/10: Intel Chiefs presented Trump with evidence they think the Russians tried to blackmail him.
1/10: Memos released say Russia has actually blackmailed him.

Original story below

We have all seen a lot of articles and op-eds speculating on the relationship our President Elect has with Putin.  Newsweek and MotherJones have done some fantastic reporting on this, but a lot of people disregard those as left wing and therefore, unreliable.  Unfortunate, given what is at stake.  I’m not here to argue that we should hand the election to Clinton. She wasn’t a good candidate and I screamed about that for the past decade. I knew going in she was going to lose because of all the baggage she had (real or not, it was there)
First, we should look at what the two have said about each other. At first glance, it seems clear that Trump has a positive view on Putin and what his relationship would be. Is this proof of anything? No, but it is a good starting point.  I’m wondering why a United States Presidential candidate would make so many comments praising an imperialistic Russian dictator, but maybe that is just me.
Trump Quotes on Putin

Trump Tweets about Putin

Second, does Russia engage in cyber warfare? It certainly seems like a regular thing that they like to do.

What Trump policies would benefit Russia? What about that time when Trump came out with a crazy statement on NATO, which was a thing that would certainly benefit Putin.   His statements about being harder on China would certainly benefit Russia in the long run. Remember when his campaign gutted anti-Russian rhetoric from the official party Platform? Or when he undermined our operations in Syria?

Is anyone in Trumps circle connected with Russia? We know Manafort is, Carter Page is, His White House Counsel might be, His National Sec. Advisor Michael Flynn is, and two of his SoS nominees, Rep. Dana Rohrbacker and Rex Tillerson are. We know Bannon and the Alt-right view Putin as a hero. His economic advisor, Howard Lorber? Deep Ties to Russia. Boris Epshteyn? Yup. Is his daughter friends with Putins? Yup!

There is also the matter of Trumps Russian Business Interests which Trump claims don’t exist. He was accused in a lawsuit of having Trump Soho supported by Russian criminal enterprises. There was a 50 million dollar investment by people close to Putin. He once met with all of the Russian Oligarchs and its been reported that Trump Jr. had stated that a disproportionate amount of clients were Russian.  Here’s a Wall Street Journal about his Mob Ties.  Yet another. Another. Another.

Throughout this campaign, I’ve read story after story from countless news organizations about this Russian connection. Kurt Eichenwald wrote an incredibly detailed play by play at Newsweek, and Mother Jones did too. A lot of organizations have hinted at Kompromat or the idea that Russia has been blackmailing Trump since he visited in 1987, but no one has published anything due to Russian Intelligence not being willing to leak it. Republican strategy people such as Jennifer Rubin, Rick Wilson, David Frum, and Liz Mair have all openly posted about how it’s a known unknown, and even former presidential candidate Evan Mcmullin has acknowledged that Trump is a disloyal American. Why didn’t Russia release the RNC data they Hacked?

At this point, it doesn’t matter if Putin intended to sink Clinton and get Trump elected because the act of destabilization that Putin engaged in to weaken an enemy is tantamount to an act of war.  The electoral college should realize this and refuse to vote until the review that Obama ordered from the intelligence community is done. Maybe we should even have another election. Here, read another article with sources about Russian hacking and Trump.

Donald Trump won an election he shouldn’t have won by utilizing foreign interference and now he is filling his cabinet with oligarchs, military generals, or people you would appoint to positions if you wanted to shut down the departments he is appointing them to.  This election has  broken America and the only way to fix it is to prevent this borderline dictator from taking office by any legal means necessary.

Here’s a playboy interview from 1990 that had Trump complimenting China’s response to the Tiananmen square incident and calling the Russians smarter than us.

I ask you this, Mr. Trump. Why did you spend so much money on an ad bashing Ad Bashing US Foreign Policy shortly after visiting Russia in 1987, when the rumored Kompromat was taken? Or when you were NATO bashing in 1990.

If you don’t trust me, trust Time, Slate,LA Times,  The Washington Post, Mother Jones, Newsweek,  The CIA, The Senate Minority Leader, The Director of National Intelligence, The Weekly Standard, The Atlantic, George Will, A Bipartisan Group of senators, or the FBI.

Here’s an article about it happening in EnglandGeorgia, and Germany too.

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