I really don’t want to add something to the “List” every time Trump talks, tweets, or has a press conference, but his first press conference in 167 days seems like an important event to cover. The amount of pure crap that came out of this mans mouth during the press conference is insane, but first I want to talk about the “Scandal” that happened yesterday.

Do I believe that Donald Trump is compromised?

Yes, I think there are too many mere coincidences to write that off, but I think it’s frankly pathetic that people would publish these stories without verifiable proof. Now, when the proof comes out no one is going to believe it.

That being said.

202: Donald Trump tweets this morning are ridiculous.

203: Donald Trump completely trashed CNN today, shaming them and talking to them like the freedom of the press doesn’t matter. This is a bad way to start.
204: Claiming Conflicts of interest don’t apply to him because he’s the president.
205: His lawyer said the emoluments clause doesn’t apply to them based on his interpretation.
206: Trump’s legal firm today won “Law Firm of the year” last year, in Russia
207: While listening to Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing, he said Trump hasn’t spoken to him about Russia yet….but he is going to be SoS? I was quite honestly surprised at how well he did besides seeming like the oligarch I expect him to be. 208: I will be the best jobs president God ever created.
208: Elaine Chao wants to privatize infrastructure spending. This means more toll roads.

This is the perfect post on twitter


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