Like the Russia story, a lot of these articles I keep coming across might not seem like a big deal but when spun together, they weave together a terrifying narrative which threatens the very fabric of the our country.  

Jared Kushner is his son in law and owner of the New York Observer, a once reputable newspaper turned into a right wing rag.   Since he is now a special advisor to the president he had to give up the company His brother in law is the new CEO, keeping the Observer close to the White House.

He also cut a deal with Sinclair Broadcasting, a corporation that owns over a hundred television stations, to secure better coverage of Trump.  He also  apparently tried to get Jeff Zucker, President of CNN to tone down what they considered unflattering rhetoric and give more friendly coverage to Trump but they refused. Trump then went on an anti-CNN rampage that has lasted for over a year. Sinclair Broadcasting Group is a well-known right wing company that pushed anti Kerry and anti-Obama ads, while also parroting talking points from conservative think tanks.

In an interview with WFOR, CBS’ Miami affiliate, Trump was asked if he believes the First Amendment provides “too much protection.” Trump answered in the affirmative, saying he’d like to change the laws to make it easier to sue media companies. Trump lamented that, under current law, “our press is allowed to say whatever they want.” He recommended moving to a system like in England where someone who sues a media company has “a good chance of winning.”

In an interview with Fox News in February of last year, the day after he said this, he stated the following

I love free press. I think it’s great,” he said Saturday on Fox News Channel, before quickly adding, “We ought to open up the libel laws, and I’m going to do that.”

The changes envisioned by the celebrity businessman turned Republican front-runner would mean that “when they write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money,” he said at a rally Friday in Fort Worth, Texas.

Trump added that, should he win the election, news organizations that have criticized him will “have problems.” He specifically cited The New York Times and The Washington Post.

When Roger Ailes was fired from Fox News, he became an unofficial advisor to the Trump campaign.  At first I was concerned that MSNBC was turning into Trump TV by hiring Greta and Megan in addition to the obviously pro-Trump Morning Joe, but Rupert Murdoch has turned his primetime lineup into an all-white male Trump Supporter lineup. Sean Hannity has spent most of his ShowTime for the past year talking about how awesome Trump is. In fact, most of talk radio jumped on the Trump Train post Cruz dropping out. Matt Drudge, Alex Jones, and Breitbart have also been Trump mouthpieces this entire election. It was even reported in August 2015 that staffers thought that Trump bought Steve Bannon and company off.  After Trump fired Russian spy Paul Manafort, he hired Bannon on as his campaign CEO and now he is the Chief Strategist.

See what I mean when I say America is under attack?

On January 10th, CNN published a story about the Russian dossier about Trump being compromised that may or may not be true, Trump denied it, as usual and then viciously attacked CNN at his press conference calling them fake news. This is not what you do if you have any respect for a healthy media in the country. This may be reaching but Trump met with AT&T executives today. No explanation was given but it is known that AT&T is trying to buy Time Warner, Time Warner owns CNN, and Trump spent his campaign saying that shouldn’t be approved. What if Trump was promising to get it approved for more favorable coverage?
Once Trump gets inaugurated, it is going to get bad. We need to stand up and fight for journalistic integrity and call for the rest of the media to hold Trump to account. He is going to make moves as quickly as possible and I am hoping we have enough anti-Trump conservative allies to make the anti-Trump resistance movement success.

Right Side Broadcasting Network (more Youtube viewers than MSNBC) is in Trumps corner. So is One America News Network. The National Enquirer is also in Trump’s corner.

Update 1/13/17:
Now, Newt Gingrich is calling on Trump to use the fight with CNN to his advantage;

‘Gingrich went on to explain his theory of the press under the Trump administration. “You don’t have to think of The New York Times or CNN or any of these people as news organizations,” he explained. “They’re mostly propaganda organizations. And they’re going to be after Trump every single day of his presidency.”

“And he needs to understand that that’s the case, and so does Sean Spicer in speaking for him. And they simply need to go out there and understand they have it in their power to set the terms of this dialogue.” He added, “They can close down the elite press.”

Newt also called for a new Commission on Unamerican Activities, and suggested Trump could suspend Civil Liberties if he wanted to.

Trump is getting praise from Erdogan who recently had hundreds of journalists jailed for opposing him.

 Updated 1/21: Sean Spicers Press briefing was literally a declaration of war

We’re under attack, so let us respond in kind.


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