209: Last nights Maddow was pretty eye-opening. I hadn’t realized that all the worlds biggest oil companies were state owned companies (Mexico, Venezuala, Saudi, Russia) and that Exxon was the biggest non-state owned company. Now, it looks like Trump is trying to emulate those amazing leaders to consolidate power some more. The March continues! Maddow video below


210: In an interview with Peter Thiel, who I believe will lead Trumps charge against the Media he stated;
“When I remark that President Obama had eight years without any ethical shadiness, Mr. Thiel flips it, noting: “But there’s a point where no corruption can be a bad thing. It can mean that things are too boring.”

211: Guliani gets to work in the White House as an advisor who doesn’t need confirmation. Reminder he lobbies for shady foreign governments.

212: GOP  votes to take away really important health benefits.

213: I do not know if this is what will happen, but Trump met with AT&T executives today. During his campaign, he railed against their merger with Time Warner but he might tell them he will approve if it they will agree to tone down CNN (owned by Time Warner), which comes after Trump has made unprecedented efforts to make the media friendly to him.

214: Turkey’s dictator praised Trumps handling of CNN

215: Looks like the DoJ is investigating Comey for possibly flipping  the election

216: The head of The Office of Government Ethics said Trump’s press conference was unacceptable. Congressman Chaffetz wants to question him over it.  Reminder that the OGE is the office the Republicans tried to get rid of.

217: How many Goldman Sachs alumni are going to work for Trump?

218: Ben Carson is an anti-gay bigot

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