Hello America!

Since election day, I have been met with many many people who say “Give him a chance! He’s not even president yet.”  Given his sordid history of saying and doing stupid things, I always found this to be ridiculously ignorant.  Donald Trump is the greatest danger the United States of America ever faced. He is the last battle of a failed confederacy trying to get its groove back. He represents an indignant Soviet Union trying to get revenge for us bankrupting them decades earlier.

But guess what! He is about to be inaugurated! Since you obviously haven’t been paying attention, allow me to let you in on what the future holds!

First, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. He and his supporters are very bothered by this and have attempted on numerous occasions to say that she only won the popular vote because of illegal immigrants. Any time she spoke, Kellyanne Conway or one of his various propaganda ministers would come out and issue veiled threats about how she needed to be careful. Rep. Chaffettz has vowed to keep investigating the email scandal. Our new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has hinted at ongoing investigations into Clinton. Rumors are abound that the Clinton Foundation will be shutting down in April.

Second, Trump has spent the past two months viciously attacking the media and setting the stage for treating it as other despots do. I recently wrote about his attack on the media here. He has attacked various media outlets, reporters, congressmen, societal norms, and other countries.  Talks are abound in regards to “breaking” the media and closing the White House Press Office/not doing the White House Press Briefing.

We are going into this Presidency expecting to have an incredibly strained relationship with China, while building a new friendship with Russia due to all of the incredibly obvious connections to Russia that exist between the administration and Russia.

His White House Staff, people who don’t need Senate Confirmation, say a lot about him.  Michael Flynn is his National Security Advisor. He’s a former Obama administration intelligence head who got fired for being a bad leader and being a paranoid anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist who immediately started taking money from Russia after. Media Magnate Steve Bannon is his Chief Strategist. He has also appointed his son in law as a Chief Advisor. His Chief Policy advisor is Stephen Miller, an anti immigration firebrand with Alt-right connections. He has also appointed a man incriminated in BridgeGate, Fox News Analysts Monica Crowley and KT Macfarland, failed Apprentice star Omorosa, and Pam Bondi who he paid off to drop the case into Trump University as advisors.  He appointed his long time lawyer as an advisor for international Negotiation, a new position that appears to take power away from the Secretary of State. He also created an economic council to oversee Trade Policy, which puts more power in the office of the Presidency.

His Cabinet says a lot about him too.  Jeff Sessions (Attorney General) is a viciously anti Drug, anti-Immigration man with a history of poor relations with minorities and a “tough on crime” stance.  His Secretary of Education is a privatization hawk culture warrior. His Secretary of Labor is an accused domestic abused sho doesn’t believe in Workers rights. His Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson is the type of pick you choose if you want to shut down a department due to incompetence. Rick Perry is his Energy Secretary who also campaigned for president on getting rid of the Department of Energy. His Secretary of the Treasury is a Goldman Sachs Alumni. Actually, his inner circle now consists of six people within Goldman Sachs world. His Secretary of State is a Russia connected Oil Executive. His EPA Administrator is a climate science denier who hates the EPA.  He has aggressive plans to privative the government which is made obvious but his entire cabinets history.
His transition has been anything but smooth. In the beginning, he had to fire everyone in Chris Christies circle, appoint Pence as head of the transition and start over. He had a lot of trouble finding people to do certain jobs.

He is completely ignoring all Conflict of interest laws, as his team pressures foreign dignitaries to stay in his hotel and his family keeps showing up at meetings with foreign leaders.  He claims he is exempt from these laws due to being president. The FEC sent him a 250 page letter detailing campaign finance violations. He is still going to earn a salary as Executive Producer of the Apprentice.

He is targeting Climate Change funding at the UN and at the State/Energy departments and has scientists so terrified of his attacks that they’re copying all of the data. He is going to start an attack on vaccines, as he is creating a Commission on Vaccine Safety and heading it with an Anti-Vaccine crazy. He has stated his desire to make Flag burning illegal as well. They’re looking at taking more land away from Native Americans.   Dodd-Frank, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Sarbanes Oxley are probably on their way out. He has at least one and probably 3 or 4 Supreme Court Justices to name. He has an unprecedented 116 judgeships to fill.

He has started taking his revenge on political enemies, going out of his way to make sure the head of the Ohio GOP was replaced with a Trump supporter. He has launched an intense attack on the US Intelligence community, all the while praising Russia. He told all the Ambassadors to leave before he is inaugurated as well as the heads of nuclear safety and the Commander of the DC National guard. During the Michigan Recount, he sent a team of vicious lawyers to attack poll workers trying to do their jobs. He made it seem like he was going to choose Romney as Secretary of State in order to torture him.

Meanwhile in Congress, they are plotting to get rid of Obamacare and phase out Medicare. They attempted to get rid of the Office of Congressional Ethics, but angry people flooded their offices and stopped it. Criminal Justice Reform is likely to be dead. They’re trying to defund the United Nations. They want to ban abortion in all forms and protect businesses who want to discriminate against gays. Some states are already making attacks on Medicaid, Unions, and College funding. They also instituted the Holman Rules, reinstituted fines for people trying to record the Chamber, passed a law to prevent anything Obama did from taking effect, are talking about packing district courts to make the results more favorable to them, defund planned Parenthood, and are attacking the ethics office for daring to call Trump out for anything.

62 million of you did this to us because you were bitter about a corrupt politician mishandling emails.  You voted for an obviously authoritarian politician who is going to respond inappropriately to every single criticism levied against him by anyone who means anything.  We are abandoning our allies in Europe to ally with Russia. We have a cabinet of billionaires and yes-men. You did this to us. You are responsible for this.

Congratulations America! You have managed to ignore the set up for the destruction of our Democracy!  Buckle up!

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