Erik Prince is one of the most terrifying people on Earth.

He is the founder of Blackwater, a Private Security Firm with connections to the CIA and the Bush administration. His “troops” operated in Iraq without having to deal with the rules of engagement. This resulted in many civilian casualties.  Afterwards, he sold his stake in it and moved to the United Arab Emirates where he founded Frontier Services Group with the help of the Chinese Communist Party. There’s even a scathing book by Jeremy Scahill documenting their war crimes.

FSG Is a group filled with former intelligence officers and military members. He has helped numerous African governments suppress rebel movements, and protected oil and gas companies as well.  FSG has also been under Federal Investigation.  They’ve supplanted the UAE’s own military in some cases as well.  He’s also trying to build a Private Air Force of modified crop dusters, and has had some moderate success in using them to bomb Libyan targets.

He is now offering a private military solution to Europe’s migrant crisis. Prince has gone on record praising Putin as being large and in charge due to his fight against Islamic Fascism.  He thinks that we should work with Putin because the main enemy is Islamic Fascism. Well, he’s a Trump supporter and advisor. And his sister is the new Secretary of Education. Both of them view themselves as Christian Warriors trying to advance the kingdom.  Trump already has a former Blackwater Executive as a foreign policy advisor. Even more are radical Christian Extremists.  It is also said by Trump supporter and conspiracy nut Alex Jones that private intelligence firm Booz Allen Hamilton was giving Trump Security briefings because he did not trust the CIA.

It should be of no surprise that Erik Prince donated $100k to the “Make America Number 1” PAC – MerCer, 100k to the Trump Victory Committee,  and thousands to Mike Pence. The Make America Number 1 PAC was created by the Mercers.  The Mercers are Texas billionaires with partial ownership in Breitbart, and close relationships with Steve Bannon and Kelly-Anne Conway. Pence also views himself as a warrior for Biblical capitalism.

Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy nominee, was, until last week on the board of directors for Energy Transfer Partners. This is the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline, and they’ve hired a private security firm named Tigerswan Security. Tigerswan CEO is former Blackwater Employee James Reese.

Blackwater has since renamed twice and is now known as Academi.  They’re owned by a holding Company named Constellis Group.  The chairman of the groups name is Red McCombs (cofounder of Clear Channel)  Mccombs is also a huge donor for Rick Perry, the new Secretary of Energy. Academi recently had mercenaries on the ground in Ukraine. They’re also working for the Saudi Government to fight in Yemen,

Steven Feinberg is one of Trump’s top economic advisors.  He also happens to be the CEO of Cerberus Capital Management (CCM).  CCM owns another big private military contractor, Dyncorp. It was just revealed that the new Secretary of Homeland Security, General John Kelly, started working for DynCorp last year after leaving the military. This is something I’ve been very concerned about for a while. Why appoint a marine general to a civilian role in the Department of Homeland Security? Nrmally, it wouldn’t be an issue, but we are talking about Trump the Authoritarian.

There are 11 other private security firms currently guarding Trump.  Will they be used to stop anti-Trump protests? For his Deportation force? Border Patrol? Muslim Registry?


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