Donald Trump is unfit to be president because of the way he has treated people his entire life. There are well-documented decades long narrative that he created for himself while trying to make himself out to be this Alpha Male Propaganda master.

His father was an abusive person too. That is where it starts. His father was arrested for attending a KKK rally in 1927. In 1973, He and his father were sued by the Justice Department for rental discrimination refusing to rent to black people.  Thus, starts the Donald abuse.

Donald Trump had a tumultuous relationship with his first wife with Ivana. According to this long 1990 Vanity fair article about the failed marriage;

Ivana had learned to look through Donald with glazed eyes when he said to close friends, as he had in the early years of their marriage, “I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?

Trump is often belligerent, as if to pep things up. On the telephone with me, he attacked a local writer as “a disgrace” and savaged a financier’s wife I knew as “a giant, a three in the looks department.” After the Resorts International deal, at a New Year’s Eve party at the Aspen home of Barbara Walters and Merv Adelson, Trump was asked to make a wish for the coming year. “I wish I had another Merv Griffin to bat around,” he said.

Donald Trump appears to take aspects of his German background seriously. John Walter works for the Trump Organization, and when he visits Donald in his office, Ivana told a friend, he clicks his heels and says, “Heil Hitler,” possibly as a family joke.

Last April, perhaps in a surge of Czech nationalism, Ivana Trump told her lawyer Michael Kennedy that from time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed. Kennedy now guards a copy of My New Order in a closet at his office, as if it were a grenade. Hitler’s speeches, from his earliest days up through the Phony War of 1939, reveal his extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.

The phrase “Stockholm syndrome” is now used by Ivana’s lawyer Michael Kennedy to describe her relationship with Donald. “She had the mentality of a captive,” Kennedy told me. “After a while she couldn’t fight her captor anymore, and she began to identify with him. Ivana is deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to Donald.”

There were many more instances, just from that article that were about Donald being abusive in some way. The fact that he cheated on Ivana with Marla Maples is a form of abuse.
In the 80s (Came out October 2016), Jessica Leeds says Trump tried to molest her on a plane.  This article also says that Trump had black people hidden from view at his casinos
In 1984, Trump sued a drug company named Trump because of the name. He failed, but managed to have their trademark revoked a few years later.
In 1985, and other years, Trump was basically a slumlord and bullied his tenants to get them to move
In 1988, Trump tried to scam Mike Tyson out of 2 million dollars
In 1989, Trump sued a travel agency with Trump in the name because he didn’t want anyone using his name.
In 1991, the President of Trump Plaza accused Trump of saying anti-Black remarks.
In 1992, Trump removed black people from card tables to capitulate a mobster.
In Ivana’s 1993 Book, she described a scene with Trump that was tantamount to rape.
In 1992, He told a young girl he’d be dating her in 10 years.
In 1993, he tried to rape Jill Hart. She sued him for it after.
In 1994, a Jane Doe claims he tied her to a bed and had sex with her at a Jeffrey Epstein party while she was underage. She tried to sue him in 2016, but dropped case because she said she was getting death threats
In 1994, Donald Trump lamented only the fact that he got caught cheating on Ivana.
In 1996, He apparently kissed Temple McDowell without permission.
In 1997, he fat shamed Miss Universe for gaining 20 pounds.

In 1999, Donald Trump cut medical coverage off for a sick family member due to a lawsuit from the persons father.  Again, in 1999, Marla Maples threatened to go public with all the bad things he did to her and he threatened to sue her. Who makes people sign Non-Disclosure agreements as part of a pre-nuptial agreement? Abusive People do.
In 2005, Donald Trump was recorded saying that he does terrible things to women at Access Hollywood. This came out in 2016 and was wished away as locker room talk. This is also the year he supposedly kissed Rachel Crooks without her permission,  and a People Magazine reporter said he pushed her against a wall and wouldn’t stop
In 2006, Donald Trump Jr. revealed that his dad used to call him a loser.
In 2010, Donald became a birther.
In 2010, Trump University shut down after scamming people out of a lot of money. He had to settle for 25 million dollars, but the damage had been done.
In 2014, The Central Park five received a settlement for being wrongfully imprisoned. Rather than apologize for the full page ad he took out to punish them, he called the settlement a disgrace
in 2015, He referred to all Mexicans as rapists when he ran for president. He also said inappropriately abusive things to several people including Katy Tur, Megyn Kelly, and every single person in the media or on the campaign trail who tried to insult him.
Also in 2015-2016, a review of Donald Trumps claimed donations to charity revealed that he was lying about 90% of the time.  Tapes came out of his saying ludicrous things on the Howard Stern show.
Now, an Apprentice contestant is suing him for defamation for lying about kissing her. She has passed a drug test. We will see where this one goes.  Some people say he exhibits all of the signs of an abusive husband.
During the Presidential Race, he made racist comments about a Judge he didn’t like, mocked a disabled reporter, insulted Mccain for getting caught during war, insulted the Khan family,  his campaign manager assaulted someone, and his private security force inappropriately roughed up protesters.

He has a history of not paying businesses for the work they do.  The Trump Twitter Archive shows that he has used the following terms to describe people; loser (234), dumb (222) , terrible (204), stupid (183) , weak (156), dope (117),  dishonest (115), 813 comments insulting somebody else, 250 negative tweets about the media, and dozens more about birtherism.  Steve Bannon and Andy Puzder have both been accused of domestic violence in the past. Rudy Guliani and Newt Gingrich are both perpetual cheaters. He pals around with Russian Mobsters, convicted murderers, and serial abusers.  He surrounds himself with

According to many experts, Donald Trump is an unrepentant narcissist who acts like a textbook abuser. Instead of being a national hero for upending the entire political system, he is a man entering office with the lowest approval rating of any president in American history.  He could fix the economy and half the country is still going to view him as an abusive narcissistic tone-deaf racist with the temperment of a three year old.

He is Trump the Authoritarian. As an authoritarian he is organizing his own Private Security Force, waging war on the media, and allying himself with the world’s biggest dictator. He is an Abuser, the King of Betrayal, he might even be a traitor, and for that, he gets no chance to succeed from me. Instead of being a national hero for upending the entire political system, he is a man entering office with the lowest approval rating of any president in American history.  He could fix the economy and half the country is still going to view him as an abusive narcissistic tone-deaf racist with the temperment of a three year old.

Thus, he is unfit for office.

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