A Nuclear Bomb of a Different Kind

After being told to judge Trump based on his actions when he's in office, I'm doing so, and I'm incredibly concerned with what I'm seeing thus far as a voter and as an American. Throughout his campaign, Trump consistently acted in a manner that was off-the-cuff, to say the least. It seems to me that … Continue reading A Nuclear Bomb of a Different Kind

Trumpublican Guard – Part 2

Not even a week ago, I was trying to connect the dots between Trump and a different stories relating to private security. I thought I would end up being wrong about this and that it would go away, but it turns out I am right. A story came out today that the secret service is … Continue reading Trumpublican Guard – Part 2

Trump world: Day One 

In the full day of the Trump regime, it was business as Usual. Trump came out and lied about how huge the inauguration was, was speaking about  it in a photo op at the CIA fallen hero memorial.  It was basically blaming the CIA and the Media for his problems.  Former director Brennan came out and said  … Continue reading Trump world: Day One