Donald Trump has just threatened Martial Law This is after it came out that he would be instituting a Muslim ban tomorrow, and after he issued a gag order in all agencies having anything to do with climate change. We're through the looking glass now.


Trump’s War on the Environment

First they came for the Environmentalists Donald Trump has a storied history of not believing in Climate Change.  According to his twitter archive, there are 38 mentions of Climate Change in a negative way.  In addition to that,  there are 106 mentions of Global Warming.  Donald Trump does not believe in this. His entire cabinet … Continue reading Trump’s War on the Environment

Russia rules the world

What the hell is going on in international relations? Well, Russia is successfully destabilizing the world.  Putin is using his resources to destabilize all the major world powers. Russia wins when Europe suffers. They win when the US suffers. They win when China suffers.  So, they’ve been engaging in cyberwarfare and an incredibly effective propaganda … Continue reading Russia rules the world

Trump Watch – Day 4

Yesterday,  Donald Trump pulled out of the TPP. Immediately, China offered to renegotiate the terms to replace us in the deal.  While I acknowledge that the TPP is faulty and we probably should have pulled out, this essentially  cedes power to China and abandons our allies in East Asia. In addition, Breitbart is attempting to … Continue reading Trump Watch – Day 4