Yesterday,  Donald Trump pulled out of the TPP. Immediately, China offered to renegotiate the terms to replace us in the deal.  While I acknowledge that the TPP is faulty and we probably should have pulled out, this essentially  cedes power to China and abandons our allies in East Asia.

In addition, Breitbart is attempting to sway the elections in Europe to get far right leaders in power.  This just helps Russia.

Trump is signing executive orders today to restart the Dakota and Keystone Pipelines. This makes sense given our Energy Secretary  was on the board of the company building the Dakota pipeline. Given the protests at Dakota before, this will be the first test in the Trump administration of how they handle protests.

I am nervous, given the placement of General Kelly at Homeland Security at how the Regime is going to react.

Trump is keeping James Comey on as FBI director, SURPRISE!

The EPA is under attack,

Andy Puzder says he hired the “best of the worst.”

The USDA is being silenced too


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