First they came for the Environmentalists

Donald Trump has a storied history of not believing in Climate Change.  According to his twitter archive, there are 38 mentions of Climate Change in a negative way.  In addition to that,  there are 106 mentions of Global Warming.  Donald Trump does not believe in this. His entire cabinet is skeptical at best, outright hostile at worst.  You need to see the bigger picture to truly see what is happening.

Personally, I am not sure that the problem is as bad as a lot on the far left claim  but I also feel like the conservative response to climate change is downright evil. Regardless of what is happening, the first priority should be to not damage the planet more than we already have.

This should have been enough to scare everyone who cares about the environment but it didn’t and he won the election.  On 12/21, I wrote “Climate Change Disaster Incoming” which detailed 10 moves Trump made over 5 weeks to fail this country in regards to climate change. During this period, I kept hearing “Give him a chance, he hasn’t even been inaugurated yet”

Scott Pruitt is the head of the EPA now. He is a member of a Koch Brothers funded coal advocacy group. He is also responsible for pushing fracking in Oklahoma and for the incredible increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma. He should be imprisoned for environmental crimes, yet he has been put in charge of the Agency he wants to dismantle.

The Republicans are looking to privatize all federal lands which would allow private companies to further destroy our environment. I find this to be a very irresponsible move and one that will damage this country for generations, but hey, everyone said to wait until he actually took office. Those same people are now saying “Hey it has only been a few days, give him a chance”

On Day 3, the CDC was forced to cancel a climate  Change Conference. On Day 4, he restarted the Keystone and Dakota pipelines which bring do not provide the United States with oil and potentially pollute the country more.  It also came out that the EPA was frozen in its tracks, that it has to cease all activity until further notice, and that it can’t communicate with the media about it in any form. Finally, The Trump administration ordered the EPA to remove any mention of Climate Change from their website.

There is an irresponsible war on the environment and we need to stop it.


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