Day 6 of the Trump regime proves that it can, in fact, get worse.

To go along with my concerns about Trump firing all the Ambassadors, his unfilled National Security Council, he purged the State Department of its senior level officials. This is what a company does during a hostile takeover. Trump is treating America like a corporation that has just undergone a hostile takeover, and we are all suffering. We are going to get attacked and it will be Trump’s fault for not staffing places.

Additionally, he fired the head of the border Patrol today.

Trump’s twitter was still connected to a gmail account.

Alex Jones claims he has been offered Press Credentials, which would be a great move on the White House’s part if they wanted to delegitimize the media further.

Russian Cybersecurity chiefs have been arrested for probable treason, but they’re probably being scapegoated. This should probably be bigger news in the US.

He personally called the National Parks director and ordered him to get better inauguration photos.

As Part of his ongoing war on the media, Trump had Steve Bannon out there labeling the media as the opposition. Soon, we will be the enemy.


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