The Abramoff Connection?

In the 90's Russian oil company Naftasib formed a bahamas based holding company called Chelsea commercial LLC. They had two registered lobbyists in the 90s. Patrick Pizzelli and Jack Abramoff. Abramoff used his contacts and other lobbying firms to bring Ed Buckham and Tom Delay (and Alexander Haig) to Russia to meet with the Russian … Continue reading The Abramoff Connection?

Dominionists are using Trump for an alliance with Russia.

What started as my quest to link Trump with mercenaries like Erik Prince turned into a map of terrifying dominionist hell.  My working theory is that the Russians hired lobbyists like Jack Abramoff in the 90s to help buy off the Republican Party in an effort to wage total war on Islam. A lot of … Continue reading Dominionists are using Trump for an alliance with Russia.

72 paths to Putin-

Updated version here I started writing this because I thought it was important to have a clear understand of what the hell is going on with the Trump - Russia connections. Some of these are just rumors or probably mean nothing (1, 22, 25, 31) but the sheer number of Russian mobsters who have lived … Continue reading 72 paths to Putin-

Trump won the battle for the WSJ editorial page

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial features editor has left the paper following tensions over the section drifting in a pro-Donald Trump direction. News of the departure of Mark Lasswell, who edited op-eds for the Journal, comes as the paper’s internal tensions over Trump have begun to spill into public view. The reliably hawkish, pro-trade, small … Continue reading Trump won the battle for the WSJ editorial page

Week 3 of the Trumpocalypse

The Trump administration appealed the Federal Judge’s ruling stopping the ban from happening over the weekend, which the Court of Appeals quickly rejected. Whether he tweets attacks at the appeals court remains to be seen, but he is trying to pull off the American dictatorship so it would not exactly be surprising. This bit from … Continue reading Week 3 of the Trumpocalypse

Reince Priebus must go – Donald Trump Friend

One of President Trump’s longtime friends made a striking move on Sunday: After talking privately with the president over drinks late Friday, Christopher Ruddy publicly argued that Trump should replace his White House chief of staff. “A lot of people have been saying, ‘Look, Donald has some problems,’ and I think he realizes that he’s got to make some changes going … Continue reading Reince Priebus must go – Donald Trump Friend

Stephen Miller is a racist

Stephen Miller and Jason Islas grew up in sunny southern California in the late 1990s, united by their passion for Star Trek. But Miller stopped talking to his friend as they prepared to jump from Lincoln Middle School to Santa Monica High School. Miller only returned Islas' phone calls at the end of the summer, … Continue reading Stephen Miller is a racist

The Trump DOJ seems to be backing off LGBT rights

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department took a step back Friday from its prior position of advancing transgender people’s rights under existing civil rights laws. On just the second day of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tenure at the helm of the Justice Department, the federal government filed a notice in the lawsuit Texas and other states … Continue reading The Trump DOJ seems to be backing off LGBT rights