There comes a point in a country in which a leader does something too egregious and has to be removed from power. I believe we have reached this point.

Ignoring the political differences between republicans and democrats, the distress caused by the election worldwide is reaching a boiling point; one that has moved on from a mere unfortunate blip in America’s history to an unmitigated disaster. This transcends politics.  It is no longer about left vs right or conservative vs liberal, but fact vs fiction and sanity vs insanity.

We have a president exhibiting all the signs of an authoritarian. At best, we have a Berlusconi. At worst, I fear that Steve Bannon could be manipulating an elderly old man with an anger problem and a distaste for the poor.

While he surrounds himself with people like Bannon or Stephen Miller, he will be a dictator in most of America’s eyes. These are people who have admitted to both cherishing power and a desire to tear the system down from within. He has tens of millions of people convinced that the mainstream media is nothing but total lies aimed at destroying him, while he utters lies day in and day out. He has attacked the media thousands of times as well as the judiciary. He has praised dictators for decades, always being careful to praise the strength but never the person. He is a proven con man, a thrice accused rapist, a liar, a xenophobe, and a conveyer of conspiracy theories from Infowars.

Donald Trump does not represent the majority of our values. He does not represent the best choice for the future of the America or the world. His regime has been in charge for less than 3 weeks and has already completely upset the world order. He is nothing more than the death star being aimed at various targets by the Nazi Steve Bannon.

For this, we all need to do our duties as Americans, put our politics aside, get on the phone and encourage our elected officials to remove Trump from office so that we can go back to debating about normal political issues under President Mike Pence.  The future of the Republic is at stake. Waiting too long will destroy us and I want America to remain the great nation that it is.


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