As we already know, Donald Trump is an incredibly vain short-fingered vulgarian. Trump’s history of womanizing and reports of him interviewing based more on looks are out there.  As a fascist, he wants the optics of every move he makes to be absolutely perfect. Essentially, he needs to be able to effectively spew propaganda. Doing that requires a media friendly Propaganda Minister, or Press Secretary. Sean Spicer is a failure as press secretary. He has Trump’s temperament and that makes Dear Leader very unhappy.  If Spicer goes down, or Bannon can place one of his allies as Communications director, I suspect Spicer and Preibus will both leave at the same time.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Melania is suing the DailyMail for publishing a story about her being an escort because it prevents her from profiting off of her status as First Lady, or that the military is planning on renting space in Trump Tower.

Trump’s briefing to the 9th Court of Appeals happened Tuesday night. They switched lawyers last minute because the original lawyers used to belong to a law firm that opposes the Muslim Ban.  While there, the lawyers seemed totally unprepared, probably because they did not want to defend a fascist executive order. The right claims that the Trump should win the case because it is not a Muslim Ban and that to focus on anything other than the order itself is Judicial Activism, but the logical thing to do is to examine all of his private statements which clearly indicate his anti-Muslim bias.

Betsy Devos was confirmed today in a historic vote, which saw Mike Pence be the first vice fascist to break a tie. Devos is the type of Education Secretary you appoint if you want to have an oligarchy and also disband the Department of Education. Putting Devos in this position just makes Erik Prince, the infamous mercenary and Betsy’s brother closer to power.  Congress pulled an all-nighter on Monday night to protest DeVos, and planned to pull one on Tuesday night to protest Sessions.  It appears that while Elizabeth Warren was speaking, reading a letter from Coretta Scott King about Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell used a senate rule to silence the dissent.

Authoritarians never take responsibility for anything, which is why Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly fell on his sword today and took responsibility for the Muslim Ban rollout, despite evidence showing he learned about it being signed before discussing with Trump.  The key to authoritarian power is to make sure you minimize and control the people coming in and out, limiting it to those who might support you. Due to these tendencies, he has tried to institute a Muslim Ban, build a wall, and gone after Voter Fraud which has a result of anti-minority Voter ID laws.  Now, the GOP is playing along. They’re trying to limit legal immigration too. Authoritarians rarely have trouble finding people to do their dirty work for them, which is why it took all of five minutes for Customs to start abusing people in violation of the Ban implemented hours before.  To make authoritarianism work, you need people who think like you to run for office. That is why we are hearing of fellow fascists putting feelers out there, like Carly FIorina, Curt Schilling, Laura Ingraham, and Peter Theil.

Steve Bannon, not to be outdone in terms of being an evil Nazi, is not only trying to influence elections in Governments throughout Europe but he is also now trying to get the Pope replaced with a Cardinal who shares his revolutionary crusading world view.

Meanwhile, in other news, Yemen is so pissed about the failed Trump raid that we are no longer able to conduct missions in Yemen.

We are living under a regime trying to impose fascism upon to us.  We are living in a regime that openly tries to profit, and threatens the career of people following the law. This is uncharted territory.


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