Members of the Trump administration appear to be unable to apologize for anything they do.  So, when Kellyanne Conway talks about the Bowling Green Massacre that never happened and then calls it misspeaking after doing it multiple times, you don’t believe her. When Sean Spicer talks about a terror attack in Atlanta, 3 times, even though one never happened, you don’t believe him when he claims he was obviously talking about Orlando.

After Nordstrom pulled Ivanka’s clothing line, and Trump responded with an angry tweet, Kellyanne Conway went on Foxnews to try to encourage people to buy Ivanka’s clothing line,  which is an ethical violation because Government Employees are not allowed to make public statements to benefit friends. The Democratic Coalition immediately filed an ethics complaint and the House Oversight committee issued a letter saying she should be punished for violating the rules.
Donald Trump wants to privative space and land people on mars, which has always been a Newt Gingrich thought. 6 of the Superbowl Champion Patriots have opted not to go to the White House, because of how the White House is viewed right now.  The Republicans seem to be drafting laws to unshackle the predatory credit card companies and allow them to take advantage of people again, while also trying to split up Circuit Courts they deem too Liberal.

Last week, Trump was supposed to sign a Cybersecurity executive order but it was pulled at the last minute with no explanation. It has been since been replaced by a 2200 word order calling for multiple reports to be delivered quickly. The interesting part is that the White House Chief Information Officer also abruptly left during this time.

Trump signed 3 incredibly vague executive orders to fight crime.  One of them hinted that they’re going to increase penalties for crimes against police. This could be used against protesters.  Another seemed to threaten to go down to South and Central America to fight drug lords.  Trump angry tweeted today, all in capital letter, when the 9th circuit did not change the results of the first Judge. You would think that he would have seen this coming given his fascist attacks on the judicial branch. Chuck Cooper withdrew his name from consideration for the Solicitor General job one day after it was reported he had been chosen. Cooper has a history of defending segregation and discriminations against gays and aids patients, so that isn’t much of a surprise.  Trump’s second pick for Secretary of the Army removed himself from Consideration to spend more time with his family.


A few weeks ago, a much-denied story came out that Flynn had discussed lifting sanctions with the Russian ambassador, which is a violation of the law.  This has been repeated ad nauseum here but Michael Flynn responded to being fired by working for Russian State owned media, meeting with Putin, and having several weird contacts with Russia.  Vice Chairman Mike Pence came out and said Flynn told him he never talked about the sanctions, at the time.

Today, it came out that 9 separate sources confirmed that Flynn and the Russian ambassador did in fact discuss the lifting of sanctions, before the election. This constitutes a violation of the law, and makes the $64,000 question of “What connections does Trump have with Russia” relevant again. The denials are interesting considering the availability of recordings of the calls. It is unlikely that Flynn would be prosecuted for this, given that the 218 year-old law has never been prosecuted before, but there is no way that Flynn should be allowed to continue serving as National Security Advisor if he is actively working with Russians. Separately, CNN released a story that confirms part of the infamous Buzzfeed dossier.  Everyone in Republican leadership should be impeached over this.
A White Supremacist in Georgia went to the hospital because he had accidently poisoned himself with Ricin, but he wasn’t a minority so Trump will never acknowledge it. It is really disheartening how the Trump regime only seems to be focusing on minorities and minority crime, but that is the Bannon way. Besides, Trump would rather whine about voter fraud that did not happen. Apparently, busses of people from Massachusetts went up to New Hampshire (they did) and voted illegally (they didn’t). Busses brought people up to canvas on canvas day. I know because people I know are involved.


Mass Deportations appear to be on the horizon as Immigration and Customs Enforcement started conducting raids across the country, even going as far in some areas as to stand on street corners and randomly check Hispanic people for identification. Why should our largest minority group have to live in fear of our xenophobic fascist president? These are basically gestapo tactics.



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