In the 90’s Russian oil company Naftasib formed a bahamas based holding company called Chelsea commercial LLC. They had two registered lobbyists in the 90s. Patrick Pizzelli and Jack Abramoff. Abramoff used his contacts and other lobbying firms to bring Ed Buckham and Tom Delay (and Alexander Haig) to Russia to meet with the Russian government (and Naftasib executives) Ed Buckham used his 501cb US Family Network company to funnel money from the Russians to Abramoff. When Delay finally got caught, he hired Trump White House Council Don Mcgahn to defend him. Patrick Pizzelli was part of Trumps landing team at OMB.

The USFN shared an office with Tom Delays PAC and Buckhams Consulting Firm, the Alexander Strategy Group. The ASG used a DeVos Family Friend Paul Behrends as their primary lobbyist and worked with Blackwater.

Is it possible Abramoff is responsible for all of this?


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