Who is on the board of directors?


Henry Kissinger – Now a Putin confidante known to be working with Trump. He is also responsible for Tillerson and KT Mcfarland being in the administration.

Drew Guff – He started a company called Russia Partners LLC (Haven’t looked into it yet)

Richard Burt – Trump friend, Alfa Bank board member, Gazprom lobbyist, Manafort ally

Jon Huntsman – Rumored to be Ambassador to Russia

David Keene – Former head of American Conservative Union. Haven’t looked into him (or Senator Pat Roberts) as far as a relationship with Russia.

David Mccormick – He is an executive at Bridgewater Associates, also known as the place James Comey was an executive for prior to working for the FBI

Grover Norquist – Abramoff ally, Council for national policy member, asshole.

Dmitry K Simes – Vladimir Putin has referred to him as a friend in the past.

Peter Peterson: Founded Blackstone group which is all over the Dossier.

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