74: Monica Crowley is the latest connection

Michael Flynn initially chose Monica Crowley to be on the national security council before she had to withdraw due to plagiarism scandal. Well, she just registered as a lobbyist for Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk, a Trump (and Clinton) foundation donor with ties to Carter Page.


#73: Corey Lewandowski – Abramoff connection

Long story short: Lewandowski was working for Bob Ney while Ney was letting Abramoff dictate his moves. My question is this: Lewandowski helped run Ney's campaign in 1998, and then ran his congressional office at the same time Ney was meeting with Sergei Kiriyenko in the Four seasons? Was he part of this? "Lewandowski then … Continue reading #73: Corey Lewandowski – Abramoff connection