Long story short: Lewandowski was working for Bob Ney while Ney was letting Abramoff dictate his moves.

My question is this: Lewandowski helped run Ney’s campaign in 1998, and then ran his congressional office at the same time Ney was meeting with Sergei Kiriyenko in the Four seasons? Was he part of this?

“Lewandowski then headed to Washington and began working on Capitol Hill while finishing his master’s degree at American University.

But the campaign bug had bitten him, and in 1997, he assembled a spreadsheet of every House Republican who had won a congressional seat with less than 55 percent of the vote. Lewandowski said he wrote them all, making the pitch: “I want to manage your next campaign, because you need my help.”

Ney, an embattled congressman from a Democratic-leaning Ohio district, took him up on the offer. When Lewandowski interviewed for the job, the congressman was struck by the young man’s fraying shirt cuffs. “This is kind of a working-class guy” who would relate to the coal miners in his district, Ney recalled thinking.”

Via WaPo

And that, makes 73 Paths to Putin




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