To see an overview please read Part 1 of my series about the Council for National Policy.

I’m not normally one to connect dots that might not be there. I generally don’t like conspiracies. But, when Donald Trump takes power and starts appointing Pro-Russian people to positions of power and filling his administration with people who all belong to one organization, it caused me to stop and think. So, I did some research and this is what I found on

The Founders:

Paul Weyrich

Weyrich helped found the Heritage Foundation with Edwin Fuelner in 1973.  Joseph Coors and Richard Scaife both helped fund the creation of the foundation, and both have foundations that remain as major funders of the Conservative Movement today.  He also helped Found the Free Congress Foundation and A.L.E.C. According to this research, Weyrich helped organize former Nazis and Eugenics researchers;

“Another one of Weyrich’s close associates at the Free Congress Foundation, Hungarian-American Laszlo Pasztor, is a convicted Nazi sympathizer who was active in the 1940s in the Hungarian Arrow Cross when it was collaborating with the Nazis (source). Board member Charles Moser is an editorial advisor to Ukrainian Quarterly which once ran an article praising the Nazi Waffen SS and Ukranian collaboration against the Bolsheviks (source) while Weyrich has ties to neo-fascist and racist groups including the Nazi Northern League and the World Anti-Communist League via British eugenicist Roger Pearson.”

In 1976, Weyrich traveled to the nominating convention of the KKK-supported America Independence Party with his friend and ally Richard Viguerie who tried and failed to failed to obtain the nomination.  Howard Phillips was also in attendance.  In 1979, Weyrich and his two friends convinced Jerry Falwell to form the Moral Majority while Ed McAteer (Howard Phillips coworker) formed the Religious Roundtable which was a precursor to the CNP. Mcateer also served on the board of the International Linguistics Center with Nelson Bunker Hunt. Once the Soviet Union fell, Weyrich used to the Free Congress foundation to spread right wing propaganda across Russia and Eastern Europe.

Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation operated next door to foundations run by Jack Abramoff.  When Curt Weldon got taken down by a Russia scandal, Weyrich jumped to his defense.

The World Russia Forum is an annual event celebrating relations between the United States and Russia, sponsored by American University in Moscow.


In 2003, some of the members of US Congress who went to the annual event were obvious if you’ve been paying attention. Tom Delay, Dana Rohrabacker, Curt Weldon were there. Joe Wilson was there,  and he is a Russia denier and a graduate of the CNP’s leadership institute. One Presentation had Paul Weyrich presenting on the “Coalition in the War on Terror” at a panel moderated by Bill Lind, the President of the Free Congress Foundation, which Weyrich founded.  Another Panel was about a US-Russian military alliance, and was filled with members of the Heritage Foundation or the Center for the National Interest. 2004, saw Weyrich and Lind attend again, with unnamed members of the media.  Weyrich attended again in 2005, along with Louis Gohmert. In 2011, Tom Price went with Rohrabacker.
Tim Lahaye
Pastor Tim Lahaye helped convince Jerry Falwell to create the Moral Majority in 1979 along with Weyrich and company.  LaHaye was on the board of directors as well. His wife Beverly, created “Concerned Women for America” a right wing activist group.  Lahaye, officially formed the Council for National Policy in 1981 with funding from Nelson Bunker Hunt.  Lahaye was the first CNP President.

It has been said that the upper echelon of the Council for National Policy comes from the Religious Roundtable and a Domestic Surveillience arm of the John Birch society called the “Western Goals Foundation,” which no longer exists.  The Board of Governors for the CNP for 1982 consisted of some of the following people;

John Singlaub; CIA officer during Vietnam who served on the board of the American Freedom Coalition, which was a front for Sun Myung Moon’s unification church.  Moon is best known for being an ultra-conservative man who started his own church and the Washington Times. Moon is rumored to have provided funding for the CNP as well.
Daniel O. Graham: Also on the board of the AFC
Sherman Unkefer: Also on the board of the AFC, advisor to Pinochet.
Hans Sennholz: Nazi Pilot
Tom Ellis
The second CNP president was Tom Ellis. Ellis was the “Karl Rove” of his time working for notable racist late Senator Jesse Helms. Ellis was the Director of the Pioneer Fund, created in the 30s to mirror Nazi Eugenics research.  Ellis and Helms were also members of the same Eugenics society as Hunt.  Helms was also linked to the Order of Saint Lazurus of Jerusalem, a racist network out of Scotland tied to Joseph Coors.

Nelson Bunker Hunt

Member of a Eugenics society. Claimed to be a Knight of the Order of Malta, but was a member of a fake Order of Malta group lead by a former Nazi advisor.  Hunt is rumored to have started death squads in order to off his political opponents. Hunt helped fund the Western Goals foundation, which was a group of right wing organizations that united to subvert left wing governments pre Council for National Policy. Roy Cohn was a member of the WGF, and ended up being Donald Trump’s mentor. Hunt went bankrupt when Ghadafi nationalized the oil fields in Libya and seems to have disappeared from the news after 1987.

Stay Tuned for Part 3.



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