In 2003, Russia House sponsored one of many annual gatherings to try and link the United States and Russia in an alliance. The people who showed up there seem to read like a who’s who of the Pro-Russian American movement. John Bolton, former possible secretary of state nominee under Trump and informal Trump advisor was there.

Ariel Cohen, from the CNP funded Heritage foundation was also there. Arkady Murashev was there. He was the President of the Krieble Institute for Freedom and Democracy in Russia, of which Paul Weyrich was a board member. Paul Weyrich was there. I covered him yesterday. Bill Lind was there as a representative of the Free Congress foundation which Weyrich started and funded.

If you’re following along, the person who started the Council for National Policy was a speaker at a Pro-Russian event along with people who ended up advising Trump.

Now, let’s add the Congressmen who went to this event. Dana Rohrabacker, Tom Delay, Curt Weldon. 2 of the three had to resign partially over issues involving Russia and Rohrabacker is known as Putin’s favorite congressman.

In 2004, Henry Kissinger friend and Trump ally Thomas Graham gave a speech there.  Curt Weldon, Bill Lind, Arkady Murashev, Paul Weyrich were there too. Edward Lozansky gave a speech on cooperation between the two powers, and he would later go on to pen an op/ed praising Trump’s handling of Russia

In 2005, former Republican diplomat Thomas Pickering spoke. He was the VP of Boeing at the time, but has since moved to Moscow and sits on the board of a Russian pipe company.  Weldon, Lozansky, Murashev, Cohen, and Weyrich were repeat attendees.  The following years had most of the same guests.  Senator Demint showed up in 2009, before quitting to join the CNP backed Heritage Foundation.  Tom Price showed up in 2011, and is now Trump’s HHS secretary.

Lots of opportunities for people to stop and meet with Russians or do things that end up with blackmail, if you ask me.


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