Everybody is focusing on the story that broke yesterday that Paul Manafort signed a yearly 10 million dollar deal with Putin oligarch, Oleg Deripaska.

What they’re not reporting on, and is something that I cover in Paths to Putin is that Manafort, Dmitry Firtash, and Deripaska worked on investment funds together in the Ukraine. Firtash is the Russian mob connected person who worked with Semion Mogilevich on various oil transport deals between Ukraine and Russia.

Dmitry Firtash is also a major shareholder in the SCL Group which is the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, the data gathering firm run by Bannon and Robert Mercer.

Deripaska also worked with Roman Abramovich to create the worlds largest aluminum company RUSAL. Glencore bought part ownership in RUSAL at one point, which is interesting because Glencore is part of the Rosneft Dossier issue.  Abramovich and Trump are family friends and Abramovich has ownership in the company making the Dakota access pipeline.

An Article from 2007 points out how intertwined the Russian Oligarchs have become with various American lobbyists pointing out; Former Federal Bureau of Investigation director William Sessions once condemned Russia’s rising mafia. “We can beat organized crime,” he told a Moscow security conference in 1997.

Today, Mr. Sessions is a lawyer for one of the FBI’s “Most Wanted”: Semyon Mogilevich, a Ukraine-born Russian whom the FBI says is one of Russia’s most powerful organized-crime figures.

This article also points out that Bob Dole served as a lobbyist for Oleg Deripaska, helping him get a Visa to travel to the United States.

An Article from 2009 points out that a report by Gary Hart and Chuck Hagel had Deripaska’s fingerprints on it. Further research shows that the report that cowritten by both the Nixon Center (Now the Center for the National Interest, a Pro russian Think tank I’ve written about) and the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, which lists Deripaska as a member of the International Council.

A key point from that article is “Last week, U.S. Army General John Craddock declared in testimony before the U.S. Senate that “Russia seems determined (to) see Euro-Atlantic security institutions weakened and has shown a readiness to use economic leverage and military force to achieve its aims.” He said that the notion that no countries were under threat of invasion in Europe or Asia had been “proven false” and that Russia’s “actions in Georgia in August 2008 and with European natural gas supplies in January 2009, suggest that their overall intent may be to weaken European solidarity and systematically reduce U.S. influence.”

Russia has been doing this for over a decade and we’re just now catching on.

All of these people are intertwined and this story is just going to get bigger. If the Media does it’s job, this story will explode. Spread it everywhere.

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