Among the problems currently plaguing the Conservatives of our government is that they are not unified in a positive vision of what is best for our country. They are a disparate collection whose philosophy of government ranges from anarchistic to theocratic, united only by the principle of blocking legislation that seems too left leaning. A true philosophical danger arises from being so against something that your opposition to it is  what becomes your defining characteristic. This played out on a far grander scale in the 1980’s after the fall of communism when we Americans did not have a vision for what we wanted to be only that which we did not want to be. Seeing this path we, as more center and left leaning individuals, must define what we are and what we want. We cannot let the other side define us as they have allowed themselves to be defined. Abstracts maybe defined by their opposition, not so us creatures of flesh and blood. We must stand for our beliefs and be ready to cast them aside in the face of new truths.

What then shall we say defines our left leaning coalition? For make no mistake the coalition must be broad in both scope and in depth. It cannot ignore the poor and the sick, of red states nor can it ignore the working class in general. For decades the notion of Neo-Liberalism poisoned so much of our politics that we are, in many respects, scarcely distinguishable from our counterparts As regards the working class. Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate for this reason. She was not a monster, she was not a criminal but she was, in most respects, a Republican that occasionally said Liberal things on social issues. It wasn’t good enough.

We must establish that our priorities are to help the people and not through the promises of demagoguery that have categorized the current president, but through solid steps to enhance education and increase workers rights. The development of science and engineering are what will drive our economic success as it has for the last fifty years. We must also recognize that as has happened since the dawn of the industrial revolution job sectors can be devoured by automation. (I will speak more on this in a later article) When an industry is dying we must recognize what is happening and act accordingly. When an industry is altering we must recognize it and act accordingly. Manufacturing is becoming vastly more automated. Even the plants being built under the Trump administration even if you wish to give credit to him as president will NOT be hiring as many human workers as the days of old and those they do hire will be people with computer and technology experience.

We must be ready to help these people with job training, we cannot throw up our hands and tell ourselves what a shame and go on about our business. This might mean sacrifices by everyone in the short term, it will mean suffering some growing pains, no one myself included loves the idea of paying more in taxes but we must learn over and over again until the lesson sinks in that when people are marginalized and have no stake in the system they inevitably will turn to whatever false promises the nearest ambitious leader has to offer. Whether that leader is a crude huckster like Trump, or vicious thugs like ISIS the root cause is the same desperation. The false promise of give me power and I will fix it. Surrender just a little security and I will give you protection. Surrender some of your power and I will serve you. No one person does that in a democracy. None. It goes completely against the grain of what a democracy should be which is; we ordinary citizens taking the responsibility for governing ourselves.

This is perhaps another essential lesson that must be learned again and again. Even though the president is the face our nation; The President is not its master. The President is its servant. The President is our employee not a CEO.

Thank you for reading this.


Mark S. O’Really Esq.


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