You have probably never heard of Edward Lozansky.  He stays out of the spotlight for the most part, but he is an important aspect of the current scandal involving Russia.  He fled the Soviet Union for the US In the late 70’s after getting caught criticizing them.  He cultivated some very important ties in the United States. Mark Levin, Bob Dole, and Jack Kemp helped Lozansky get his wife into the United States in the 80’s.


Lozansky has been working with the American far right for decades. While Paul Manafort, Jack Abramoff, and Paul Weyrich seem to be the guys behind the American Conservative movement allying with Russia, Ed Lozansky has probably done more to unite the far right in Russia with the minions of the Council for National Policy than virtually anyone. He even started doing it under the guise of being anti-Communist.

He cohosted a forum in 2000 with the Free Congress Foundation in which Paul Weyrich advocated for a better relationship between the two nations on the grounds that we can fight terrorism together. In 2002, Curt Weldon was advocating for a better relationship between the two nations and Lozansky continuously praised him. Weldon was investigated for his ties to Russia in 2004 and lost re-election in 2006.

At the World Russia forum in 2009, Ambassador Kislyak and Robert Macfarlane advocated for increased investments into Russia.

During a Congressional Hearing in 2010 on the Jackson Vanik Amendment, trade sanctions placed on Russia during Soviet Times because of their treatment of Jewish people, Ed Lozansky gave testimony that the sanctions should be lifted for this along with Ed Verona, Mark Levin, and other Russia experts. Ed Verona is a former Exxon Vice President working with Richard Burt at Mcclarty Associates.  Lozansky’s short  biography lists that he started the American University of Moscow with Gavriil Popov, the former Mayor of Moscow associated with the World Anti Communist Federation.   Dana Rohrabacker and Mike Pence were some of the people on the committee listening to this testimony.

In 2011, Lozansky and Anthony Salvia sued President Obama for being too hard on Russia and claimed it cost them business opportunities.  Salvia worked for the State Department under Reagan and has since gone on to become a Trump supporter.  During this 2011 interview with former Mayor Popov, a few things were revealed. First, Popov saw Sakharov as an ally. He is also close with Arkady Murashev who is at the forefront of the movement to build a better relationship and admitted to being

In 2015, Lozansky took to the CNP (Council for National Policy) affiliated Washington Times to complain about the United States role in nation building. He did make some good points about our imperialist activities, but his entire point was to talk about how we are the bad guy and not Putin.  Emails released by WikiLeaks indicate that nobody on either side really trusts him, but the evidence points to him being pro-Putin.

He currently sits on the board of the Eurasia Center, runs the World Russia Forum, and is President of the American University of Moscow. He is associated with the “American Institute of Ukraine” which has no website and appears to be very similar to the Council for National Policy. He has coauthored a few articles with Jim Jatras, who appears to be a former state department official serving as Managing Director at Global Strategies communication group. Of the other two executives at GSCG, Anthony Salvia was Lozanskys lawsuit partner in 2011. Darren Spinck appears to be a member of the religious right and the Secretary for the American Council for Kosovo, of which Jatras is the director, and Longtime Republican Operative Patrick E. O’Donnell is the Chairman.

Ed Lozansky might not be out there openly meeting with Trump and Putin, but he is certainly the man behind the curtain and must know where a lot of the bodies are buried.

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