I started making this list out of sheer curiosity of how many different paths there were. At 18, I thought to myself that there couldn’t be many more. A few of these are just rumors or probably mean nothing (1, 22, 25, 31) but the sheer number of Russian mobsters who have lived at Trump tower and the fact that 5 people have had to resign , I thought I was done. For me to get to 99 (and counting)  is astonishing.


Honestly the discovery that surprised me the most is the Abramoff connection. I’m beginning to think that the Russians partnered with the Republican party in the 1990s to build an alliance for reasons not yet known.

  1. Trump’s son in Law is Jared Kushner, the former owner of the Observer. The Observer received the DNC hacks from Guccifer 2.0 who is rumored to be a Russian agent.
  2. Guccifer 2.0 and Roger Stone were apparently in contact up to 16 times during the 2016 campaign.
  3. Jared Kushner’s parents were friends with Netanyahu. He has forged an alliance with Putin.SCL-Russia
  4. His Chief Strategist is Steve Bannon. Bannon is the CEO of Breitbart, with the Mercer family having majority ownership.  The Mercers, along with Bannon are heavily involved in Cambridge Analytica a data gathering firm. 
  5. Cambridge Analytica’s parent company is SCL Group, which lists Dmitry Firtash as a board member. Breitbart and Bannon have extensive ties to the far right movement in Europe which is also funded by Putin.
  6. His second campaign manager was Paul Manafort. He had to resign in August due to having questionable Russian ties like Dmitry Firtash and the former Ukrainian President. Manafort lives in Trump tower, along with Kellyanne Conway and her husband.
  7. Hacked Texts reveal that it looks like Serhiy Leshchenko reached out to Manaforts daughter in an effort to blackmail him. She was not happy about the “blood money’
  8. Mike McSherry, former Delegate strategist for the Trump campaign also lobbied for the same Ukrainian presidential candidate as Paul Manafort.
  9. Rick Gates,  Manaforts top aide also lobbied for Pro-Putin Ukrainian candidate.
  10. Per Politico,  Manafort met with Konstantin Kilimnik multiple times during the campaign. The first time appears to be in April, maybe when Trump gave that speech? Kilimnik is thought to be part of Russian intelligence.
  11. They worked Oleg Deripaska on investment funds in Ukraine. Oleg paid Manafort 10 million dollars a year to lobby for Putin.
  12.  Oleg Deripaska obtained a VISA to enter this country, after previously being barred from entry due to the lobbying activities of Bob Dole.
  13. Firtash worked with Russian Mob Semion Moglivech boss to help Gazprom oversee Natural Gas distribution to Ukraine.
  14. Trump advisor J.D. Gordon is claiming that he was the advisor who had the Ukraine language softened at the Republican National Convention, at the request of Donald Trump
  15. Kellyanne Conway’s husband has business dealings with the  Russian government and deleted tweets about it once Conway was chosen. (Conway, Bannon, and the Mercers are part of the “Council on National Policy” a secretive far right think tank group.
  16. Robert Mercer and Dmitry Rybolovev were apparently both on vacation in the same place, at the same time, with yachts right next to each other.
  17. George Conway represented a firm that bribed the Russian government.
  18. Trump sold his condo to Dmitry Rybolovev, whose private plane keeps showing up where Trump is. Rybolovev is a Russian billionaire with ties to Putin.
  19. Rybolovev also had his Yacht placed in Croatia at the same time Ivanka and Jared were vacationing there, and his plane landed there around the same time too.
  20. There is a Pro-Russian Think tank called the Center for the National Interest (CNI). CNI Board Member Henry Kissinger, former US Diplomat and current Putin confidante, has gotten close to Trump.
  21. Kissinger suggested both Tillerson and KT McFarland to Trump.
  22. Secretary of State TillersonAlf has many Russian business dealings through Exxon with Igor Sechin, head of Rosneft.
  23. CNI Board Member Drew Guff runs a Russian Private Equity firm, attended the April Speech by Trump, and also sits on the International Council at the Belfour Center with Oleg Deripaska
  24. The Dossier Christopher Steele created said that Igor Sechin along with Oleg Orovinkin were working on a deal to sell 19.5% of Rosneft to Trump in exchange for dropping sanctions. This deal relied on Carter Page, who resigned as a Trump advisor in September. After the election, a 19.5% deal went through, Oleg Orovkin was found dead in his car and the guy behind the Russian Hacking was arrested for treason in Russia.
  25. Carter Page allegedly met with Igor Diveykin, a former Russian security official in charge of collecting US election information, when he went to Russia.
  26. Carter Page also met with Russian intelligence when he went to Russia
  27.  After the election, Kaspersky labs Ruslan Stoyanov  was arrested for investigation of Treason.  Once Michael Flynn was ousted as National Security advisor, it also came out that he was working for Kaspersky last year.
  28. The Rosneft deal is linked to Trump through a vast network of holding companies. The 19.5% was through a Singapore company using Caymans offshore accounts. QHG shares was the holding company of the 19.5% sale. QHG’s disclosure form stated that it used to be called CATALPO PTE, but no such company existed. Perhaps they did that to confuse people. Anyways, a company with the same information called CATALPA PTE did exist though. Catalpa shared an address with the Intertrust Group. Intertrust’s filing shows an affiliation with Walkers Global which is the affiliation used to incorporate QHG. Intertrust is owned by the Blackstone Group.  If that name seems familiar, it is because Blackstone CEO is Stephen Schwarzman, one of Trump’s senior economic advisors.  Uncovered thanks to twitter user Adam Khan.
  29. The Blackstone Group was cofounded by Stephen Schwarzman and CNI Board Member Peter Peterson.
  30. Schwarzman was on the Advisory board of the Russian Investment fund.
  31. Wayne Berman of the Blackstone Group is rumored to be on the short list to replace Priebus if he leaves.
  32. The Dossier also claims Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen traveled to meet with Russians, which he denied. Recently, it came out that he was working with Felix Sater to broker a Ukrainian-Russia peace deal.
  33. Cohen, Sater, and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Andreii Artemenko sat down for dinner to discuss Ukraine, Russia, and sanctions.
  34. Alex Oronov, working with Cohen and Artemenko, developed the plan which they planned on leaving on Michael Flynn’s desk until he had to resign. Oronov mysteriously died at the beginning of March.
  35. Felix Sater claimed to be a Senior Advisor to Trump , which Trump claimed not to remember.  Sater had his own office in Trump Tower. Sater has been connected to organized crime and his father is in the Russian Mafia
  36. To finance Trump SoHo, the Bayrock Group formed a tax evading partnership with Icelandic FL-Group. Trump had to sign off on this deal.
  37. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross invested 500 million in the Bank of Cyprus and is on the board of directors. This is where Putin launders his money. Dmitry Rybolovev (7) is the largest shareholder at this bank,  and another Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg is the second largest shareholder.
  38. Deutsche Bank, under Ackerman was the only bank willing to loan money to Trump after he declared bankruptcy six times. Josef Ackerman left Deutche Bank to join the Bank of Cyprus after Wilber Ross engineered his takeover.
  39. Putin’s propaganda news station Russia Today has frequently had Michael Flynn, Carter Page,  and Sebastian Gorka on it.
  40. Michael Flynn worked with the Turkish government and a plan was hatched at one point to kidnap a dissident living in Pennsylvania. Devin Nunes was at one of these meetings.
  41. Porter Goss, former CIA DIDECTOR is a Trump Supporter and lobbyist for Turkey. He also cowrote the Congressional report on building a better relationship with Russia.
  42. Carter Page was named as a foreign policy advisor because Jeff Sessions Chief of Staff, Rick Dearborn found him.
  43. Stephen Miller is Jeff Sessions former aide and is friends with Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Spencer has ties to European far right groups and was married to a Russian Propaganda mouthpiece with ties to Putin.
  44. Trump friend Roger Stone is in contact with Julian Assange who runs WikiLeaks, who also hacked the DNC and provided leaks to Russia today. Stone is also partner in a lobbying firm with Paul Manafort
  45. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos is the sister of mercenary Erik Prince. Her foundation has donated to to many proRussian religious groups.
  46. The Devos family has basically funded and bought Michigan. spectrum health is no different. There was a server in trump tower communicating with both Alfa Bank and spectrum health.
  47. Erik Prince is running all over the world helping dictators suppress Muslims. He is a Breitbart contributor, a Pence supporter and a Trump advisor.
  48. It has been reported that Erik Prince secretly tried to organize a path to communication between Russia and Trump.
  49. Prince also used to work for House Rep Dana Rohrabacker, also known as Putin’s Favorite Congressman and one time considered to be Trumps secretary of State.
  50. Prince is connected to John Ashcroft through Constellis Holdings, as Constellis owns Princes old company, Blackwater. Ashcroft has defended Lord of War Victor Bout, a Russian connected to Igor Sechin.
  51. The Chairman of the board for Constellis is Red Mccombs.  Mccombs is a former Perry supporter turned Trump supporter
  52. Vadim Trincher, who lived in Trump tower ran a gambling ring out of Trump tower on behalf of Russian mafia don Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov.
  53. Preet Bhahara was fired by the President, along with the other U.S. Attorneys in what is a common move when a new party take power. The odd thing is that Trump had previously asked him stay on.  Bhahara is the Attorney responsible for putting Victor Bout and the Russian gambling ring in jail. He also prosecuted one Russian for drug trafficking, a dozen Russian spies, and a Russian Banker. 3 days before being fired, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington requested that he investigate Trump Tower.
  54. Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn violated the Logan Act by discussing lifting sanctions with The Russian Ambassador pre-inauguration.
  55. He also met with Austrian Neo-Nazis working with Putin
  56. Michael Flynn initially chose Monica Crowley to be on the national security council before she had to withdraw due to plagiarism scandal. She recently registered as a lobbyist for Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk, a Trump (and Clinton) foundation donor with ties to Carter Page.
  57. Trump Tower housed an office of Alfa Bank which had a private server communicating with companies like Spectrum Health,  which lists members of the Devos Family as Board Members.  This might be innocent, but why then is Alfa Bank suing the people who broke this storystory?
  58. Richard Burt, a Republican Lobbyist and CNI Board Member sat on the board of Alfa Bank. He worked for the Trump Campaign while lobbying for Russian State owned Gazprom
  59. Burt was an advisor to Textron Inc, a financial company help finance some of Trump’s international golf course deals.
  60. Squire Patton Boggs is a Law firm created in 2014 after Squire Sanders Dempsey and Patton Boggs combined. Squire Sanders was focused on Eastern Europe and Russian Affairs, which explains why one of its partners, Sarah Carey, consistently showed up at the Lozansky forums.  Jim Jatras, a former Reaganite who writes articles with Ed Lozansky all over the place also worked at Squire Sanders.  More on Jatras in the Lozansky portion.
  61. In recent years, Gazprom has hired  Squire Patton Boggs to lobby for it.  Lobbyist and Trump supporter Jack Kingston visited Russia the same week as former Gazprom lobbyist Carter page. Totally a coincidence.
  62. Trump threw Miss Universe with Putin-Connected Oligarch Aras Agalorov and had Alex Sapir/Rotem Rosen as guests
  63. Alex Sapir is the son of Tamir Sapir, and they own condos in Trump tower. Sapir and his organization partnered with Bayrock on plenty of Trump condo projects. Alex’s sister married Rotem Rosen, a former lieutenant for Lev Leviev
  64. The Bayrock Group was founded by Tevfik Araf, and housed in Trump Tower. Araf hired Felix Sater as his C.O.O.
  65. Michael Caputo, who helped run Trump’s NY primary, lived in Russia in the 90’s and was Contracted by Gazprom to improve Russia’s image in the United States.
  66. Michael Caputo works for Trump apologist Chris Collins now, and learned everything he knew from Roger Stone.
  67. Ivanka Trump is close friends with Putin’s rumored girlfriend Wendi Deng.
  68. Ivanka is also close with Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich and his wife. Here is a photo of them together (also with Wendi Deng) Abramovih and the Kushner’s were both in Aspen at the same time recently.
  69. Abramovich owns the steel company building the pipelines recently approved by the Trump administration
  70. Abramovich’s Millhouse Capital merged with Oleg Deripaska’s aluminum holdings to form RUSAL
  71. in 2007, Rusal merged with the Aluminum side of Glencore to form an even larger company.  Glencore is one of the companies involved in the Dossier – Ross
  72. The Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin died on 2/20. He invited Trump to Russia in 1986.
  73. Lev Leviev is a Putin friend. Not only has he had multiple business dealings with Jared Kushner and the Bayrock group (Felix Sater and Tamir Kapir) but he also works with Netanyahu on settlements.
  74. Russian-Canadian Alex Shnaider partnered with Trump on a building project in Toronto. Shnaider partnered with Ukrainian Billionaire Eduard Shifrin to form a holding company called the Midland Group. Shiftin was recently given Russian Citizenship by a Putin presidential decree. Alex’s father in law Boris Birshtein is associated with the Russian Mafia.
  75. Semion Mogilevich is the head of the Russian mafia. In the 1990’s, he started a fake company with Jacob Bogatin as the CEO. Jacob’s brother David owned 5 separate condos in Trump tower at one point and is well known as part of Mogilevich’s key members.
  76. Mogilevich key lieutenant Vyacheslav Ivankov also lived at Trump tower.
  77. Jack Abramoff may be where it all starts. Russian Oil and Gas company NAFTAsib formed a shell company called Chelsea Commercial, which only listed Abramoff and Patrick Pizzella as lobbyists when it was created.  The purpose of Chelsea was to promote Russian oil and trade interests in the United States.  It also underwrote the trip Tom Delay and Ed Buckham made to Russia with Abramoff.  Pizzella also happens to work for Trump. Buckham formed the Alexander Strategy Group to help the US Family Network funnel its money received from Naftasib. The US Family network was primarily a vehicle consisting of Buckham, Delay, Ralph Reed, CNI Board Member Grover Norquist and Abramoff. These people have been members of the Council on National Policy over the years.
  78. Grover Norquist serves on the Board of the World Tax Payers Association with Arkady Murashev, and Lewis Uhler (member of Council for National Policy)
  79. In November 1998, Jack Abramoff organized a meeting between Sergei Kiriyenko and Republican lawmakers.  Kiriyenko is the former prime minister, and is also featured in the Dossier as part of the Trump scandal.
  80. Bob Ney had a young aide working for him during this time. When he was caught, his aide, some young unknown named Corey Lewandowski wrote a letter to the judge praising him as a father figure.
  81. Don McGahn, White House Counsel defended Tom Delay on charges of a Russian Pay . Delay, along with Jack Abramoff, Buckham, and Ney met with Viktor Chernomyrdin, former head of Gazprom in the 1990s.
  82. Mcgahn also happened to start working for Squire Patton Boggs, the lobbyists representing Gazprom in 2013. SPB, he moved on to Jones Day.
  83. Jones Day opened a Moscow office in 2013 after it successfully worked with AlfaBank (MIkhail Fridman) and Renova Group (Viktor Vekselberg) to create an oil producer with BP, called TNK-BP. It has since been bought out by Rosneft. From there, Mcgahn signed on to work for the Trump Presidential Campaign.
  84. Former Senator Conrad Burns was also taken down by the Abramoff Scandal, and he had positive things to say about Putin. Burns passed away weeks before Trump announced his presidential run.
  85. Patrick Pizzella was recently named Acting President of the Federal Labor Relations Authority.
  86. Pizzella and Abramoff organized many trips for conservatives to the Marianas. During one trip, Pizzella had Kellyanne Conway show up . If that is not enough, Conway and Pizzela are both on the Center for National Policy board
  87. Alexander Strategy Group’s main lobbyist was Paul Behrends, former National Security Advisor to Dana Rohrabacker and family friend of Erik Prince.  He is the Current Staff Director for the House Foreign Affairs committee.
  88. Dana Rohrabacker and Jack Abramoff are long time friends.
  89. Abramoff partnered with Charlie Black (of the lobbying firm Black, (Paul) Manafort and (Roger) Stone)  in the 80s to work with brutal African dictators.
  90. Sebastian Gorka worked for Viktor Orban, a Hungarian authoritarian leader close to Putin, before moving to the United States to work for the Republicans. Now he works for the Trump White House.
  91. Connie Mack also sees better relations overall due to his lobbying for Hungary
  92. Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak, widely regarded as Russia’s top spy, was revealed to have met with Attorney General Sessions twice last year in his capacity as a Senator. He also met with Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn in December.  Also, when the Republicans removed anti-Russia language from the Platform at the convention? It was because Trump advisors Carter Page and JD Gordon met with Kislyak.
  93. Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani lobbied for Rosneft
  94. Jim Baker lobbied Trump to nominate Tillerson as Secretary of State, possibly because of the fact that his firm represents both Exxon and Gazprom/Rosneft
  95. The Former head of Yukos is a Trump backer and campaign donor.
  96. CNI Board Member David McCormick is an executive at Bridgewater Associates where James Comey served as General Counsel prior to joining the FBI.  They also both worked Din the Bush administration, albeit in different cabinet departments
  97. CNI Board Member Jon Huntsman was tapped to be ambassador to Russia.
  98. CNI Board Members Dmitri K. Simes and Paul Saunders have hosted events Trump has spoken at, and Simes has been referred to by Putin as his American Friend
  99. It makes sense that Putin and Simes are close, given that Simes and Edward Lozansky share the same goal of a US-Russian alliance.  Simes and Lozansky (and Dana Rohrabacker, Rand Paul) met to discuss this at a conference in 2012.
  100. Rand Paul, Trump’s apparent new ally hired Dmitry Simes and Richard Burt as foreign policy advisors before running for president .
  101. Donald Trump met with Ambassador Kislyak during the Presidential Campaign, which looks like nothing until you remember he had previously denied any such meetings.
  102. Trump ally David Clarke visited Moscow the same week as Michael Flynn.  His trip was paid for by a Russian gun rights group headed by Maria Butina and included several NRA heads. Butina is close with long time Republican strategist Paul Erickson.
  103. Trump is also tied to Butina through her ties at the Center for The National Interest.
  104. Maria Butina is in this gun rights group with Alexander Torshin, an alleged Russian mafia boss.  Torshin is a member of the N.R.A. and was recently scheduled to meet with Donald Trump in public, before somebody decided to be smart and cancel the meeting or at least move it to MarOlago.
  105. Torshin had dinner with Donald Trump Jr. at an NRA event.
  106. Why the hell did Steve Bannon meet with Torshin and Butina over dinner?
  107. Sergei Millian, a Russian born real estate developer has close ties to Trump and to Michael Cohen.  It is also said that he may have been behind some of the dirty claims in the dossier.
  108. Trump advisor Boris Epshteyn is a Russian born Pro-Putin immigrant, who has spent a lot of time talking about Crimea on television. He resigned on 3/25/17.
  109. Secretary of the Air Force nominee Heather Wilson founded Keystone International in order to foster business relations Between the United States and Russia
  110. Mark Burnett helped remake Trumps image into a successful reality star, ran his inauguration festivities and has worked with Putin on reality television. Grant Stern does a fantastic job laying out the case that Burnett could have been the guy in the middle of all of this.
  111. Edward Lozansky is a controversial figure at the heart of US-Russia relations over the past 30 years. He openly advocates for a closer alliance in order to bring down Isis. Lozanky is the creator of the annual US-Russia Forum, and founder of American University in Moscow.
  112. Lozansky fled here in 1986, and Bob Dole and Jack Kemp helped him undermine the Soviet Union in order to get his wife over to the United States.
  113. Once the Soviet Union fell, Lozanky created the American University in Moscow, with offices right next door to Paul Weyrich’s heritage foundation new Moscow office.
  114. Lozansky started the Sakharov Institute in Russia in order to fight for the activists freedom, while Richard Burt actively worked on the U.S side for Sakharov’s freedom.  Both are now actively working to create a Trump-Putin alliance.
  115. Paul Weyrich, founder of the Council for National Policy and the Free Congress Foundation helped organize the World Russia forum after the downfall of the Soviet Union. In 2003, a who’s who of Republican Congressman favorable to Russia including Weldon, Delay, and Rohrabacker were in attendence.
  116. Arkady Musharev, president of the Krieble Institute (Offshoot of the Free Congress Foundation) gave an interview in which he talked about the Council for National Policy and the ties between the modern Republican Party and the Russian Putin allies in the world.
  117. Current Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price went to a Lozansky forum in 2011, at which Ambassador Kislyak also attended.  Other attendees that year included Musharev, Rohrabacker,  and Ed Verona.
  118. Ed Verona is the former VP of Exxon in Russia (Tillersons right hand man).  He even wrote an article in the Center for the National Interests publication about how Tillerson was a good choice for secretary of State. He’s also Richard Burt’s boss at Mcclarty associates which also employs a former Soviet Spy, and formally sat on the US-Russia business council with CNI members Richard Burt and Drew Guff
  119. Jim Jatras is a friend of Ed Lozansky. He is on the Board of Directors of the American University of Moscow, which was started by Lozansky.  Also on the board of directors is Arkady Musharev,  Darren Spinck, and Anthony Salvia.  While I have already talked about Musharev, it should be noted that Spinck, Salvia, and Jatras appear everywhere together. They are the American Council of Kosovo togethether, as well as being the principles  of Global Strategic Communications Group, and they all have been seen across the Pro-Putin world with Lozansky.
  120. Trump’s former lawyer Marc E. Kasowitz has signed on to defend a Russian Bank with ties to Putin.
  121. Trump Transition member and head of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes has his entire net worth sunk into part ownership of a winery in California, which happens to have Russian ties.
  122. The Republican National Committee paid Hamilton Trading Group large sums of money to dig up information on Hillary during the election. Hamilton is co-owned by a former Soviet Spy, Gennady Vasilenko
  123. Rudy Giuliani knows Sergey Lavrov and could be the most Direct path to Putin.
  124. Nigel Farage is close with Russia and possibly looked the other way while they helped fund Brexit. He is also an unofficial advisor to Donald Trump.
  125. Judi Shelton, known Russia expert,1989 Author of The Coming Soviet Crash , and attendee at one of Lozansky’s Russia Forums is an advisor to 45.
  126.  Why did Kushner meet with the head of a Russian bank who used to be a KGB agent?
  127. It appears that the Council for National Policy is not United in the Russia scandal. Cliff Kincaid joined the Council for National Policy in 1998. He’s a far-right Christian and founded a far right think tank, but he also wrote a book called Back from The Dead: The Return of the Evil Empire. In it, he makes a lot of radical guesses like suggesting Obama might be a Soviet Agent,  but his overall point about the Russians still fighting the Cold War remains true.
  128. He co-wrote this book with former KGB Agent Konstantin Preobrazhensky, who wrote a similar book about Americans of Russian Descent that I would love to read but costs $60 for for a 200 page paperback for some reason.  He goes on to point out that Margarita Simonyan (Russia TV Editor in Chief) grew up in an FSB apartment and is likely just a figurehead to appease Western Media. Simonyan was seated next to Michael Flynn at the event in Moscow in 2015.
  129. He also points out that Igor Panarin was a Colonel in the KGB, despite being called an Academic in Western Circles.  Panarin was a regular at the Russia House events.
  130. Arthur Finklestein is #130 on the paths to Putin. It’s amazing it took this long for Finklestein to be known to me. This is a guy who helped former Council for National Policy president and Eugenics fan Tom Ellis (and Jesse Helms) win elections. He then went to help Ed Lozansky allies Dole/Kemp win elections and then focused on other lesser known CNP members. He is a Trump associate who knew Roy Cohn, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort and now he’s advising dictators from former soviet states. His connection with Netanyahu brought him closer to the Kuchners, his work for Victor Orban brought him Gorka, and his Ukrainian/Kosovo work probably brought him closer to Page, Manafort and the three amigos (Jatras, Spinck, Salvia) 
  131. Louise Mensch is Reporting that Carter Page, Manafort and others are probably on tape discussing trump Russia with kislyak. 
  132. In 2010, Ed Lozansky and Jim Jatras wrote a letter to senator Jon Kyl. In it they discussed how 20 years ago, they (along with Paul Weyrich) organized trips for Kyl and then VP Dan Quayle to build better relationships with Russia. 
  133. In the 1990s, Dennis Hastert organized a Republican study committee on bettering our relationship with Russia. He then went on to go to Lozansky forums (as did Weldon and Gilman from this list) 
  134. Ben Gilman worked for Jeanne Kirkpatrick at the UN When she was forming what would later become freedomworks. They’re both CNP members. 
  135. Chris Cox left congress to practice law, and opened an office in Singapore just prior to the Rosneft deal which involved Singapore. 
  136. Strategic-culture.org lists Jim Jatras as an author. In 2011, it listed interaffairs.ru, a Russian government journal as a partner in its website. The journal interaffairs publishes is published by a company called East View information services. Interaffairs and eastview share the same Minnesota address. East view also owns Trektools.com which shares an IP address with Michael Caputos business in Florida. east view is primarily staffed by Russian immigrants with ties to the government. 

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  1. with all this information and co-mingling between russia-trump-ussympathizers why is it so hard to bring them down for colution and treason?? Have we become a country of russians? With all the russians in trump tower he asked who is wiretapping?? To ISIS he is idiot. To China dangerous and stupid. To russia puppet. To Syria annoyance. To N.Korea fair game. To the World rude and a joke. To the US Majority Traitor..


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