Friday, the White House released financial disclosure forms for most of its high-ranking staff. A lot of  Mit Is nepotism like you would expect. Don McGahn was able to get multiple lawyers at his law firm placed throughout the White House, a few people were nothing but right wing journalists before entering the White House. There have been a few posts with the more well known people in the White House, but I haven’t seen much about the lesser known people.
Vince Haley started off working on the Gingrich’s American Legacy Center before going on to work for Trump. He also worked for Gingrich Productions and before that Billy Graham productions.  Before that, he served as a research director for Gingrich at the Council for National Policy connected American Enterprise Institute. He spoke at an event in 2006 with a member of the Russian parliament too. Haley is a speechwriter for Donald Trump.

Kellyanne Conway made a million dollars from her polling company, but also made of money consulting for various CNP backed organizations like the American Conservative Union, Citizens United, Freedom Workers, Mike Pence, the Tea Party Patriots, Susan B. Anthony List, Concerned Women for America, Freedom Partners, the N.R.A, Reclaim N.Y, and the Mercer/Bannon run Cambridge Analytica.

Sebastian Gorka works for the C.N.P backed Institute for World Politics, made $43,000 from conservative media, and made $7,500 from something called the “Threat Knowledge Group,” which has a website that recently closed down so they could go offline.  He also draws a salary from the Marine Corps University Foundation, which is clearly an organization that receives funding from Council for National Policy backed companies.

Stephen Miller worked for an outside Human Resources Placement firm that hired people to work for Trump’s campaign. Perhaps the dead look in his eyes is not due to lack of soul, but because he signed an employment correction that ended his future. Bill Mcginley worked for another data analytics firm that performed similar actions as Cambridge Analytica.

The biggest surprise that came out of this was Steve Bannon.  His income from CNP firms like the G.A.I, Citizens United, and Breitbart weren’t necessarily surprising, but his $125,000 income for being Vice President of Cambridge Analytica was surprising, as well as his $168k income from Glittering Steel LLC, of which he is the chairman. Glittering Steel shared the same address as Cambridge Analytica and also donated a lot of money to the Ted Cruz Campaign

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