Science Marching and The Search for Facts.

On April the 22nd I participated in my first political rally/march. I have never considered myself a publicly political person. While I have always been willing to discuss politics either in terms of politicians, policies or even more abstractly the philosophy of government, I have never felt inclined to go out and demonstrate part of … Continue reading Science Marching and The Search for Facts.

What is a sanctuary city?

There is a linguistic theory which holds that our vocabulary and our mode of thought are a form of feedback loop with one reinforcing or even altering the other over time, with that in mind, I want to talk to you about the notion of Sanctuary cities. About what they are and about what they … Continue reading What is a sanctuary city?

Not Just Contra Trump

Among the problems currently plaguing the Conservatives of our government is that they are not unified in a positive vision of what is best for our country. They are a disparate collection whose philosophy of government ranges from anarchistic to theocratic, united only¬†by the principle of blocking legislation that seems too left leaning. A true … Continue reading Not Just Contra Trump