The Council for National Policy: Theocracy in the US with Trump at the Helm?

CNP PDF What if I told you that there is an extensive well-funded network of conservatives all belonging to one organization, who have managed to control the narrative since Reagan took office? That this network probably united with the rest of the free world in order to destroy the Soviet Union and then used this … Continue reading The Council for National Policy: Theocracy in the US with Trump at the Helm?

86 paths to Putin

I started writing this because I thought it was important to have a clear understand of what the hell is going on with the Trump - Russia connections. Some of these are just rumors or probably mean nothing (1, 22, 25, 31) but the sheer number of Russian mobsters who have lived at Trump tower … Continue reading 86 paths to Putin

The GOP-Putin Crusade

The story about Trump being connected to Russia is probably a lot bigger than just Trump and Russia. My research has shown a much larger, nefarious potential scandal. I’ll fully admit that I cannot prove some of this, but there is enough evidence for me to believe. The story starts in the 70s. Paul Manafort, … Continue reading The GOP-Putin Crusade

So much for separation of church and state 

WASHINGTON — President Trump vowed Thursday to overturn a law restricting political speech by tax-exempt churches, a potentially huge victory for the religious right and a gesture to his political base.

Week 1 of the Trumpocalypse

“Give him a chance, he is not even president yet,” was the mantra of all his supporters after the election.  Ok, he has been president for a week now and has already upended our entire political system.  Mike Pence, Christian theocrat extraordinaire would be a better President.  At least he has principles and respects the … Continue reading Week 1 of the Trumpocalypse

trump regime first week!!

An interesting list to reference in the coming days: "PAY ATTENTION! * On January 19th, 2017, DT said that he would cut funding for the DOJ’s Violence Against Women programs. * On January 19th, 2017, DT said that he would cut funding for the National Endowment for the Arts. * On January 19th, 2017, DT … Continue reading trump regime first week!!

Thanks America!

Hello America! Since election day, I have been met with many many people who say “Give him a chance! He’s not even president yet.”  Given his sordid history of saying and doing stupid things, I always found this to be ridiculously ignorant.  Donald Trump is the greatest danger the United States of America ever faced. … Continue reading Thanks America!

Trump Watch 1/3-1/6/17

The hits just keep on coming lately. Between bad hires, bad views, breaking precedent on everything, bullying people on twitter, and Russia, it just keeps coming.  The guide to impending tyranny seems to be important right now.  Actually, I suggest that everyone go read Indivisible  as soon as possible. 160: BIll Stepien, the first person … Continue reading Trump Watch 1/3-1/6/17

CIA Nominee Mike Pompeo says something somewhat alarming

I am not going to count this as part of my ongoing list, because it could mean nothing but giving speeches where he says "Jesus Christ is the only solution for our world" might be a signal of how we handle Islamic terrorism in the coming years.