Open letter to the Electoral College

Dear Electors,  I know you take your job seriously. I do too. As flawed as the electoral college is,  it has worked as anticipated for almost every election.  My heart wants you to flip the vote or vote for anyone not currently tied to Trump. The fact that Russians used cyberwarfare to sway our elections … Continue reading Open letter to the Electoral College


122: Texas cuts Medicaid by 350 million?

This is going to come soon on a national basis if we don't stop the Trump administration from turning us into Kansas. 25% of early intervention providers could disappear? Catastrophic! Texas makes drastic cuts to Medicaid

Trump Watch running list

Since the election, I have counted roughly 116 items that concern me about Trump, his administration, and his congress.¬† See below 1.Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million, but still lost the election 2. Trump wants his kids to have top secret clearance 3. Trump advisor Kris Kobach wants to create a Muslim … Continue reading Trump Watch running list