The Donald Trump Twitter Feuds!

Since being elected,  Donald Trump has tweeted a lot. His 8th, 9th,  13th, 20th,37, 38, 39 tweets after being elected were an attack on the New York Times. His 19th Tweet was a direct attack on the news in general. His 16th, 17th, 50-62 tweets were passive aggressive complaints about not winning the popular vote … Continue reading The Donald Trump Twitter Feuds!


Trump Watch count

Until I am able to update this website into something worthwhile, or I get put in the Trump labor camps for owning it, the layout is going to be less than desirable. Without further ado, The list of scary shit happening under President Trump! CABINET PICKS 1. Rumored Cabinet picks are Ben Carson, Sarah Palin, … Continue reading Trump Watch count

11/20/15: Trump NY headaches

In news that should surprise absolutely nobody,  Donald Trump has decided to keep his Melania and Barron in NY for the remainder of the school year. This is a big "Screw You" to the city of New York. Every time they have to travel anywhere, traffic is going to be slowed down.