Cutting Meals on Wheels to fund the military….


Dina Powell – With no National Security experience is now a Deputy National Security Advisor?

Appointing Goldman Sachs is not the swamp to be drained? How does this make any sense

#73: Corey Lewandowski – Abramoff connection

Long story short: Lewandowski was working for Bob Ney while Ney was letting Abramoff dictate his moves. My question is this: Lewandowski helped run Ney's campaign in 1998, and then ran his congressional office at the same time Ney was meeting with Sergei Kiriyenko in the Four seasons? Was he part of this? "Lewandowski then … Continue reading #73: Corey Lewandowski – Abramoff connection

86 paths to Putin

I started writing this because I thought it was important to have a clear understand of what the hell is going on with the Trump - Russia connections. Some of these are just rumors or probably mean nothing (1, 22, 25, 31) but the sheer number of Russian mobsters who have lived at Trump tower … Continue reading 86 paths to Putin

Russia wants its criminals back

What this article doesn't say: Preet Bhahara convicted both of these man. Victor Bout was defended by a Comey ally. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Bout was arrested in Bangkok in 2008 in a joint operation between Thai and US authorities, who accused him of conspiring to kill Americans by allegedly agreeing to supply Colombian militants with weapons. Moscow has said that the case has been politicized … Continue reading Russia wants its criminals back

Center for The National Interest connections

I've been taking a look the past few days at the CFTNI board of directors, given its status as a Pro-Russian think tank. General Charles Boyd is on the board. In 1995, he wrote an article saying we should let Russia handle the Bosnian conflict. Turns out his wife is Jessica Matthews, president of the … Continue reading Center for The National Interest connections

Jack Abramoff – Center for the National Interest Connections

"DeLay, though, was not the only prominent conservative to see Russia the Abramoff way. Two months before DeLay touched down there, Abramoff's firm shepherded a contingent of Washington journalists and thinkers around Moscow--an itinerary of meetings and meals designed to please the trip's funder, a Russian energy concern called NaftaSib. This journey included Tod Lindberg, … Continue reading Jack Abramoff – Center for the National Interest Connections

Trump asks all US Attorneys to resign – Preet Bharara does not

For those of you who are unaware of the situation; It is not uncommon for new Presidents to ask existing United States attorneys to resign so I kind of ignored the story when it first came out. But then, I remembered Trump made a big deal of asking Preet Bharara to stay on during his … Continue reading Trump asks all US Attorneys to resign – Preet Bharara does not