Week 3 of the Trumpocalypse

The Trump administration appealed the Federal Judge’s ruling stopping the ban from happening over the weekend, which the Court of Appeals quickly rejected. Whether he tweets attacks at the appeals court remains to be seen, but he is trying to pull off the American dictatorship so it would not exactly be surprising. This bit from … Continue reading Week 3 of the Trumpocalypse


Steve Bannon: Evil Personified?

Do you remember during the Bush presidency when everyone was concerned about how  evil Dick Cheney seemed to be? Well, Trump has at least two people worse than that in the White House. Neither them are people who need to be confirmed by the Senate. Politico has a good write up on Stephen Miller. I … Continue reading Steve Bannon: Evil Personified?

Trump the Abuser

Donald Trump is unfit to be president because of the way he has treated people his entire life. There are well-documented decades long narrative that he created for himself while trying to make himself out to be this Alpha Male Propaganda master. His father was an abusive person too. That is where it starts. His … Continue reading Trump the Abuser