Trump and China?

If you'll recall, Trump made waves after the election when he openly embraced Taiwan and said he might recognize them. Apparently, this caused a row and China refused to talk to Trump primarily because of these two tweets. Well, the New York Times wrote an article yesterday about this and the call they … Continue reading Trump and China?


136: Trump appoints Anti-China Hawk to Trade Position

In what can only be seen a greatly antagonistic move, The Donald has created the National Trade Council and appointed Peter Navarro to be its head. Peter Navarro has written 3 books about Trade Wars with China. This is not a battle we want to go down. Via ABC News

98: Chinese newspaper escalates rhetoric with Trump?

Op/ed on Trumps comments regarding China I understand that this is just posturing but this paragraph is what frightens me "If Trump gave up the One China policy, publicly supported Taiwan independence and wantonly sold weapons to Taiwan, China would have no grounds to partner with Washington on international affairs and contain forces hostile to … Continue reading 98: Chinese newspaper escalates rhetoric with Trump?